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    Nature of the programme

    The Department of Community and Disability Studies offers a three-year Bachelor of Community Development and Social Justice (BCDS) programme that was accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in 2015. The programme is generalist and eclectic in nature and adopts a human rights approach to service delivery and community development. This enables graduates to work in varied community settings and to confidently respond to diverse socio-economic challenges vulnerable people and communities encounter. The programme draws knowledge and perspectives from related disciplines to facilitate comprehension, interpretation and provision of holistic responses to the complex and cross cutting socio- economic and cultural challenges that communities contend with. In addition, the programme enables graduates to promote and nurture principles and practices of social justice during their work with communities.

    Scope of the programme

    The Bachelor of Community Development and Social Justice degree program offers students an in-depth study and understanding of an all-inclusive development. Students are strongly grounded in the theory, principles and practices of community development and social justice. In the course of their training, students are exposed to social justice issues pertaining persons with disabilities, vulnerable children, youth, women, men, older persons, refugees and immigrants minority communities. Students are equipped with knowledge and skills in community mobilization, social work, communication, leadership, community based primary health care, livelihood transformation, entrepreneurship, environment and disaster management, guidance and counseling, social policy analysis, project planning and management and research among others. The programme is highly practical. Students are trained in Sign Language, Braille and appropriate technology. In their second and third year of study, the students are placed with reputable civil society organisations and government departments to have hands-on training in inclusive community development and social justice. 

    Target group

    The programme targets holders of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent (both arts and science combination), practitioners in community development and related services and activists in social justice and social inclusion.

    Career Paths

    Owing to its nature, graduates of Bachelor of Community Development and Social Justice have a wide range of job opportunities. They can choose to work with government departments at national, district and sub-county levels to promote inclusion of marginalised persons and communities in community development work. Our graduates also have career opportunities in segregated and mainstream national and international civil society organisations that work to promote realisation of human rights and equal opportunities for children, youth, women, older persons, persons with disabilities, refugees and minority communities. Furthermore, the programme offers graduates career opportunities in various fields including consulting and research firms, environmental protection organizations; human-rights agencies, cooperative and microfinance institutions, psycho-therapy and project development. More so, graduates are capable of initiating and managing their own economic and social enterprises. 

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