Mr. Ssengonzi John's Profile 

    SsengonziMr. Ssengonzi John is a student of Master of Education (Language and Literature) MAK. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts with Education from Kyambogo University and graduated with a first-class honor in 2011 and retained as a teaching assistant. He is passionate about teaching, self-driven, motivated, creative, a critical thinker, 21st Lecturer and exhibits a high degree of professionalism and objectivity.

    He is the Patron Kyambogo University Luganda Students’ Association (KULUSA), minute secretary Luganda Section, coordinator for study tours and he has participated in organizing a number of workshops and academic concerts in the section.

    He has urge for promoting academic writing among Luganda Language graduate students, a project which he has embarked on with third year Luganda Students in Ganda Culture.

    On-going research projects include;

    1. Eby’edda Bisaanyeewo
    2. Enhancing the writing culture among Luganda language Students through Emerging Technologies
    3. The effect of emerging technologies on the reading culture of Language students- a case of Kyambogo university Luganda Students.

    Achieng Serah's Profile 

    SerahAchieng Serah. (Tutorial assistant)

    She is a self-motivated individual and responsible young lady working in the department of languages and communication under the Kiswahili section. She has a very clear logical mind that seeks to see things through completion and always willing to work and cooperate with the rest of the people she is working with. She joined the department in 2017 and since then she has gotten involved in a number of activities that include teaching and conducting tutorials, supervising students practical work, setting and marking of tests, coursework’s and examinations, attending Kiswahili conferences with her students and allthese have contributed to the growth of the students and the department at large. She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Education from Makerere University (second upper class honors) and she has plans of furthering her education.Serah is looking forward to developing her capabilities and taking her career and skills to the next level.

    nakinduNankindu Prosperous' Profile

    Nankindu Prosperous (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Languages and Communication Kyambogo University-Kampala and Minister of State for Education, Kingdom of Buganda Uganda, East Africa. She is a qualified teacher trainer and researcher with considerable experience in Language Policy and Planning in multilingual situations. Has vast experience in cultural related research, Mother Tongue Education, Literacy Development and Assessment at all levels. She sits onseveral boards at advisory level and has worked on local and international language and culture projects.  She is an enthusiastic pursuer of opportunities for team membership, keen on lessons to learn out of all situations with great ability for multitasking without losing focus of main issues and desired goals. She enjoys identifying key tasks as well as users of outcomes. She is keen on embracing new approaches to learning, doing and understanding the inherent challenges of these approaches.


    maserekaName:                         Masereka Levi Kahaika

    Date of Birth:              6th Jan 1980

    Sex:                             Male

    Qualification:              PhD Candidate (UDSM) M.A Kiswahili (IUIU) BED (KYU) and DES (KYU)          

    Email:                          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                      

    Mr. Masereka Levi Kahaika is a Part time Lecturer at Kyambogo University in the Department of Languages and Communication (Kiswahili Section) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. His specialization and research interests are Effects of Ugandan Bantu Languages on the learning of Kiswahili, Language policy and Kiswahili in Uganda, Language and politics, Language and Tourism and Language and Curriculum design in relation to Kiswahili. Mr.Masereka has participated in designing Certificate, Bachelors and Masters programmes for Kiswahili.

    Mr. Masereka is a stake holder on Kiswahili Commission of East Africa. He has worked as a visiting Lecturer for Kiswahili under the programme of staff mobility programme organized with Interuniversity Council of East Africa. He is the chairperson Kiswahili lecturers association of East Africa Uganda chapter. He is the patron for Kiswahili University students association Uganda Chapter.  He has worked with Mountains of the Moon University and St. Lawrence University as an external Consultant on Kiswahili matters. He has trained Secondary school teaches and college tutors. Mr. Masereka is part of the team working with Ministry of East African affairs and Gender in helping them form the Kiswahili Council of Uganda. Mr. Masereka has served for over ten years as a teacher and leader at University and Secondary School. He served as a Head of Section for Kiswahili with the Department of Humanities and Language Education, Schools of Education Makerere University, an Assistant Lecturer Makerere University, Head of Department Kiswahili Ibaale Secondary School in Fort portal, A Kiswahili Teacher Nyakasura School, Airforce ss Entebbe and Ibaale ss. He is a member of CHAKITAU an association that brings together Kiswahili members in Uganda and serves as a committee member, an Advisor on Kiswahili Literature and Language issues for UWAKI an association that brings together Secondary Schools Kiswahili Teachers.

    Mr. Masereka  is a Ph.D. Candidate in Kiswahili in the University of Dar es Salaam. He holds a Master of Arts in Kiswahili of Islamic University in Uganda, a Bachelor of Education of Kyambogo University and a Diploma in Education Secondary of Kyambogo University specializing in Kiswahili Double main. In the course of Teaching, Mr. Masereka has  participated in supervising students carrying out research and School practice. He has also taught the following courses:  Introduction to the study Language in Kiswahili, Kiswahili Syntax, Kiswahili Morphology, Kiswahili Phonology, Contemporary Kiswahili Literature, Comparative Kiswahili Literature, Linguistic theories in Kiswahili, Literary theories in Kiswahili, Second language acquisition in Kiswahili, Course design management and evaluation in Kiswahili, Methods of teaching Kiswahili language, Methods of Teaching Kiswahili Literature, History and Development of Kiswahili, Oral Literature in Kiswahili, Novels in Kiswahili, Plays in Kiswahili, Kiswahili Poetry, Research methods in Kiswahili language and Literature, Writing Skills, Lexicography in Kiswahili and Translation and Interpretation in Kiswahili.

    Papers presented on International Conferences

    1. Masereka, L. K. (2017), Language and Politics a case of Kiswahili in Uganda. Presented at the first International Conference in Zanzibar organized by Kiswahili Commission of East Africa. Awaiting publication by Journal of the University of Namibia Language Centre.
    2. Masereka, L. K. (2017), The relationship Between Language policy in Uganda and the development of Kiswahili. Presented at the 2nd International Kiswahili Conference organized in by CHAKAMA in Dodoma. TATAKI.
    3. Masereka, L. K. (2017), Kikonzo Verbal Inflectional Morphology. Presented at a conference organized by World Kiswahili association at the University of Dar es Salaam. TATAKI.

    On going Research Project

    1. Analysing the Morphosyntactical  bantu effects on the learning of Kiswahili.  A case of Kikonzo and Kiswahili (Doctoral research)

    Co-Published book

    Masereka, L. K. and Black, M.G. (2013). Mkwamo: a Kiswahili Play. Kampala. Uganda. Fountain Publishers.


    MUTENYONAME                                     :           MS.MUTENYO AIDAH

    DATE OF BIRTH                    :           12/06/1980

    PLACE OF BIRTH                  :           Mbale District

    TITLE                                      :           Assistant lecturer/Part-Time

    Employer                                :           Kyambogo University/Department of Language

    Sex                                          :           Female

    Nationality                              :           Ugandan

    Email                                       :           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.               

    Contact                                   :           Kyambogo University P.O Box 1, Kyambogo                               

    I am a lecturer with over 7 years of teaching experience.Iam currentky an assistant lecturer in the department of languages kiswahili section.Am also a chairperson departments of kiswahili in Uganda,Treasurer  in the association  of Kiswahili departments East Africa also the vice person kiswahili teachers association CHAKAMA ,East Africa.Besides Kyambogo University,i had a chance to work with other univesities like Kampala International University on contract,Kampala University on part-time .I also worked with Ndegeya Core Primary Teachers College.I worked with Busiu Yedana an NGO concerned with orphanage welfare,Youth female representative Sironko town council.Worked with UNICEF in transalation works and Quolliquam for African legal  counsel.



    Educational Background

    YEAR                                                   SCHOOL/COLLEGE&RESPONSIBILITY

    2016-to-Date  PhD (Candidate) Maseno UniversIity

    2015                Islamic University in Uganda.Master of Art in Kiswahili

    2010                Kyambogo    University Post Graduate Diploma in Teacher Education

    2009                Kyambogo UniversityBachelor of Arts in Arts

    2005                Mbale Parents School (UACE)

    1991                Bulucheke SSS (UCE)

    Working Experience

    YEAR                                                   INSTITUTION                                     

    2012-Present  Kyambogo University  Dept of Languages &Communication

                                                                Part-Time Lecturer (Kiswahili Section)

    2012-2017       Ndegeya core PTC Tutor Kiswahili/lang/PES

    2013-2017       Kampala International University

    2013-2016       Kampala University

    2007-2008       Uganda Institute of Business and Media-Department of Humanities

    2011-2013       Uganda Catholic &Management Institute

    2009-2010       Shimoni Core PTCPart-Time Tutor. Kiswahili/PES

    2007-2009       Premier High SchoolTeacher Kiswahili &English

    Academic Growth

    • Part-Time Lecturer  Dept of Languages and Communication
    • External Examiner NTC Examination   (DEP)             KYU
    • Examiner NTC Examinations   DES                            KYU
    • Senior Examiner PTC Examinations KYU
    • Research and paper representation advisor KYU

    Research interests

    • Second language acquisition
    • Linguistics
    • sociolinguistics

    Undergraduate Thesis Supervised

    • Grace Ruth Jurah, 2016Dhima ya nyima za hodiya katika jamii ya wanyala wilayani Busia
    • Crispus Byamugisha 2016,Athari za rununu kwa wanafunzi wa kike katika shule za sekondari wilayani wakiso
    • Edinah Nuwareeba 2016Idadi chache ya wanafunzi wanaojifunza fasihi ya Kiswahili katika viwango vya shule za upili
    • Atusasirwe Winnie 2016sayansi na tekinolojia katika ukuzaji wa lugha ya lugha ya Kiswahili katika wanafunzi wa shule za upili.
    • Ikongo kabasinguzi 2016constance;upatanisho wa kisarufi wa kikonzo katika ufunzaji wa lugha ya Kiswahili katika shule za upili.
    • Turyakira Justine 2016Jinsia inavyoathiri utendaji wa wanafunzikatika somo la lugha ya Kiswahili.
    • Agnes Twinamasiko 2017Mchango wa lugha ya wanawake katika uendelezaji wa lugha ya Kiswahili wilayani Bushenyi.
    • Rosette Kirabo 2017Mchango wa michazo ya watoto katika kuendeleza uwajibikaji wa jamii ya Rwambu wilayani Ibanda.
    • Komugisha hilda2017Mwingiliano wa tanzu za fasihi simulizi katika fasihi andishi.
    • Chesang Teresia 2017Uhusiano kati ya mbinu za kufundishia sarafu na umilisi wa mazungumzo ya wanafunzi wa vyuo vya walimu.
    • Kobutungi Adrine 2017Mchango wa wafanyi biashara wa kike katika kukuza lugha ya Kiswahili katika jamii ya waganda ,wilaya ya kampala.
    • Syson Tumuhairwe, 2017Athari za kisasa kwa wasomi wilayani kampala.
    • Birungi Brenda,2017Matumizi ya lugha tandawazi katika simu za kiganjani
    • Mudanya Patricia 2015 Nafasi ya fasihi ya Kiswahili katika utendaji wa wanafunzi wa somo la lugha ya Kiswahili.
    • Nankunda Era 2015, Mchango wa mbinu ya maigizo katika ufundishaji wa fasihi ya Kiswahili katika shule za upili wilayani Bushenyi.
    • Samali Mugisha. 2014 Mchango wa lugha ya Kiswahili kwa maendeleo ya biashara wilayani kampala
    • Neema Daniel. 2017, Mchango wa nyimbo za harusi za wasukuma katika fasihi simulizi ya kiswahili

    Short Courses Attended/special skills.

    • Certificate in Computer Skills (Linux)
    • Computer Microsoft
    • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
    • Global Health and HIV Initiative in Uganda
    • Environmental conservation
    • O.T Teacher educator
    • Enhancing Environmental conservation in rural communities.

    Conferences/Workshop Attended

    • EACK 1st Kiswahili Conference-Zanzibar 6-9,Sept,2017
    • NCDC Workshop editing new lower Primary Curriculum 13-15,sept,2017
    • NCDC Editor on CURRASSE New curriculum NCDC
    • Kiswahili Commission stake-Holders Conference March     2017
    • CHAKITA 20-22,JULY 2017
    • Consultancy on new LowerSecondary Curriculum frame work conducted with UTAMU, TIET&NCDC (Language) April 2016
    • CHAKITA:Chama Cha Kiswahili Taifa Kenya 8-9,SEPT 20016
    • CHAKITAU: Ntare High School Mbarara-Uganda.                               2015
    • CHAKAMA: Masinde Muliro University-Kenya-       2014
    • CHAWAKAMA: Pwani University –Kilifi-Mombasa –Kenya 2013
    • Course Designing and Accreditation   2012
    • CHAWAKAMA: Nairobi University-Kikuyu Campus Nairobi-Kenya 2010
    • Human Right and Law 2010
    • Training and Implementing Routine HIV/AIDS Preventation Strategies (GHAID)
    • Inter University Student Summit (PIRCO)                                        2009
    • CHAWAKAMA: Kigali Institute of Education –Rwanda 2009
    • CHAWAKAMA: St Augustine University- Mwanza Tanzania 2008
    • CHAWAKAMA: Kampala Namboole 2007

    Papers presented/Publication

    • Kiswahili,globalization in relationship with development 2017   Zanzibar,EACK-
    • The teaching and curriculum review in the 21st century      2017 EACK
    • Athari ya lugha nyingine katika kwa Kiswahili 2017    University of Kibabi
    • Kiswahili na maendeleo ya kilimo Nov 23-24 Dodoma,Tanzania 2017

    Research ongoing

    • The contribution of Ken Walibora’s works in instilling core values in young generation
    • Kiswahili literary works, the real stumbling block to girl child empowerment in the contemporary world.
    • Role of language in the national development. Case study Uganda.
    • Mikakati na mitindo ya kifonimiki inayotumiwa kujifunza Kiswahili kama chombo cha mawasiliano.


    • Vice chairperson East Afrika Kiswahili Teachers CHAKAMA  2017-present
    • Representative Kiswahili heads of Department Association CHAIKAMA      2016-T0-Date
    • Chairperson National Tutors Association 2013 -to –date
    • Member and practicing treasurer CHAKITAU       2013-to-date
    • Patron CHAWAKAMA Kyambogo University        2015 to date
    • Class coordinator M.A Kiswahili IUIU    2013-2015
    • HOD Language Department Ndegeya Core PTC 2012-2014
    • HOD Language Department (UCMTI)   2008-2010      
    • Vice-President Graduate School Kyambogo University  2010/2011
    • Vice-Chairperson Electoral Commission (KYU Elections) 2009/2010
    • HOD Language Department Premier High School  2007-2009
    • Secretary CHAWAKAMA (Ugandan Universities)   2007-2009
    • Publicity CHAWAKAMA(East African Universities)   2007-2009
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