E-Voting Implemented

Come see technology in action

The management of Kyambogo University has, in a bid to go electronic, introduced E-voting which is a system that will be used during election periods


Kyambogo University E-Learning Management System

Online Programmes for the Institut Superiuer de Technologies (IST) and Partners to be offered at Kyambogo University Learning Centre for 2017/2018 Academic Year

This is a two year course that develops an integrated, all-round sports and physical education professional personality capable of teaching, coaching, organizating and administratering sports, physical education and recreation.

Minimum entry requirements: 2 principal passes at A- level or grade III Teachers 
Certificate, a clean bill of health and show Interest in sport. Assessment is by Course work, examinations and industrial placement. Candidates admitted on self sponsored basis.

Aims and Key Benefits

• Develop an integrated, all-round sports and physical education professional personality capable of teaching, coaching, organization and administration of sports, physical education and recreation
• Develop talented eligible candidates with opportunity for in-depth training, excellence, career and professional development in sport, physical education and recreation

Specific Objectives

• By the end of the programme learners should be able to:
• Demonstrate practical skills in sports of their choice
• Demonstrate core functional management skills in relation to sport and physical education
• Demonstrate core scientific knowledge, skills, values and attitudes relevant to sport and physical education
• Demonstrate ability to teach, coach, organize and administer learners in physical education, sport and recreation activities

Courses taught include:

Year 1
Semester 1

• Communication Skills & Humanities 
• Sports Biology I 
• History, Foundations & Philosophy of PE & Sport 
• Comparative Study of PE & Sport 
• Introduction to Sport Management 
• Sociology of Sport & PE 
• Athletics & Soccer 1B 
• Netball & Swimming 1B

Semester 2

• Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics I 
• Psychology of Coaching & Skill Acquisition 
• Olympism and International Sport 
• Intermediate Sports Management 
• Sports Administration 
• Research methodology & Statistics in Sport & PE 
• Computer Skills I 
• Athletics 2B & Volleyball 1B 
• Basketball 1B & Handball 1B

Year 2
Semester 1

• Industrial Organization & Management 
• Personnel Management in PE & Sport
• Advanced Psychology of Coaching 
• Sports Marketing & Sport Public Relations 
• Facilities Management 
• Seminar on Problems of Sports Development 
• Sports Policy & Program Planning 
• Economics & Financial Management in Sports & Recreation 
• Athletics III & Soccer 2B 
• Netball 2B & Swimming 2B

Semester 2

• Entrepreneurship Skills Development 
• Industrial Organization & Management 
• Computer Skills II 
• Volleyball 2B & Basketball 
• Cricket & Hockey 
• Aerobics & Badminton 
• Boxing & Handball 2B