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News and Events in the University


The guild council is composed of the councilors and these are responsible for the following:
1. Forwarding students views and grievances to the guild representative council.
2. Representing the guild as a delegate or representative in any of the councilor’s undertakings in or outside the university when called to do so by the executive.
3. Disseminating policies and decisions taken by the guild representative body to the students body.
4. Attending all guild representative meetings in person unless he or she s indisposed and has forwarded due notice.
5. Participating fully in the proceedings of the guild representative council.
6. Expressing his or her views or opinions in a proper manner without fear of victimization by the GRC or the university administration.
7. Making use of the guild facilities on official matters relating to the university.
8. Embraces privileges availed to him/her by the guild or university authorities
9. Keeping and abiding by the guild constitution.
10. Being the legislature of the guild.
11. Approving the guild executive nominated by the president.
12. Sanctions and approves the policies of the executive.
13. Being concerned itself with the matter of any society or any organization in the university, which shall have been approved by the administration for the benefit of the majority of students.
14. Electing officials as provided by the constitution and have power to remove the same by two-thirds majority of the students.
15. Entitled to a vote of no confidence in the president or any member of the executive or any students’ representative to the university council committee.
16. Elect guild delegates, representatives and observers to conferences.
17. Make and uphold the guild representative council code of conduct.
18. Approving the electoral commission.
19. Electing standing and Ad-hoc committees.

The NPT labs Launch

Openning of the NPT labs for first us


The 13th Graduation Hosting the First Lady

Now in Pictures

The Freshers Ball 2016

Now in Pictures and video

Now in Pictures and video

Sociology End Of Year

Pictures and the department celebrates conclusion of the semester

Available in Pictures


13th Graduation Day three pictures here

Now in Pictures


Kyambogo End of Year 2016 Party

Now In Pictures