SEMESTER I  2017/2018

5TH AUGUST to 3rd  DECEMBER 2017


Saturday 5th  August 2017

Freshers Report to Respective Halls of Residence/Hostels


Monday 7th  to 13th    August 2017

Orientation Week for Freshers  (7 days)


Monday 31st July to Sunday 13th August 2017

Administration of DES Examinations  2016/2017


Saturday 12th August 2017

Continuing Students Report


Sunday 13th to  24th August  2017

World University games in Taipei, China


Monday 14th   August, 2017

Lectures for Freshers and Continuing Students begin


Monday 14th  to  Wednesday 30th  August, 2017

Registration of Fresh Students


Monday 14th  to 18th August  2017

Faculty/School Board to discuss Semester II Examinations Results 2016/2017.


Friday 25th August 2017

Provisional Results from Faculties/Schools 2016/2017 are released


Monday 4th September to 8th September 2017

Senate Humanities Committee to consider Semester  II 2016/2017 Examination  Results


Monday 04th September to Friday 13th  November 2017

Inter-halls Sports Competitions   2017


Monday 11th   to Friday 15th September 2017

Senate Science Committee to consider Semester  II 2016/2017 Examination Results


Monday11th   –  Saturday 16th  September, 2017

Administration of DSNEE Examinations  2016/2017


Friday  22nd  September 2017

17th Admissions Ceremony/Freshers Ball


Monday 25th Sept. to Friday 27th October  2017

61st   Senate Meetings (to consider Examination  Results of Semester II 2016/2017)


Friday 10th  November 2017

Briefing of Deans/Head of Departments/Monitors for Semester I 2017/2018 by the Academic Registrar


Monday 13th November  – Sunday 3rd December 2017

Administration of Semester I 2017/2018 Examinations

 ( 3 weeks)


Monday 13th to Saturday 18th November 2017

Practical Examinations


Monday 20th  to Tuesday 28th   November 2017

Administration of Grade III Examinations 2017 in PTCs


Wednesday 29th   November  to Wednesday 6thDecember  2017

Administration of Grade III Examinations 2017 in PTCs


Monday 4th December to 18th  December 2017

Marking of Semester I Examinations


Monday 11th December to Friday 16th December 2017

DITTE Examinations 2017/2018 Semester I


Monday 4th December to 5th  January  2017

Students Semester I 2017/2018  Break


Monday 13th Dec. to Saturday 23rd  December, 2017

Early Childhood Development  ECD Examinations 2017


13th, 14th and 15th December 2017

14th Graduation Ceremony


Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd  December 2017

Association of Uganda University Sports games to Ndejje University


Thursday 21st  December 2017

End of Year Staff Party 2017


Friday 22nd  December 2017 to Tuesday  2nd   January 2018

Staff Christmas Break

  1. Peter Okello_____________________________

SEMESTER  II 2017/2018



Saturday 6th January 2018

All Students Report


Monday 8th  January, 2018 to 21st  January, 2018

Registration for Semester II 2017/2018 (At Faculties & Schools)


Monday 8th January, 2018

Lectures begin for all Students


Monday 19th to 31st  January, 2018

DEP/DEPE Examinations


Monday 5th February  to 16th   February, 2018

Departmental meetings to discuss Semester I 2017/2018 Examination Results


February to March 2018

Inter-halls Sports Competitions – Phase II (2 weeks)


Friday 23rd  February, 2018

Release of Preliminary Semester I 2017/2018 Examination Results from Departments.


Wednesday 7th  March to Wednesday 11th March, 2018

Faculty/School Board meetings to discuss Semester I 2017/2018 Examination Results


Friday 16th March, 2018

Provisional Results Semester I 2017/2018  Examinations are released from Faculties/Schools


Monday 2nd  April to Friday 13th April,  2018

Senate Humanities Committee to discuss Semester I 2017/2018 Examination Results


Monday 2nd April to Friday 13th April,  2018

Senate Science Committee to discuss Semester I 2017/2018 Examination Results


Monday 23rd   April to Friday 27th  April 2018

62nd  Senate Meetings


Thursday 12th April  to Friday 13th April,  2018

Briefing of Invigilators/Monitors for Semester II 2017/2018 by Heads of Department


Monday 8th  – 19th May 2018

DECD Semester I Examination 2017/2018


Monday 8th to 19th May, 2018

DITTE Examinations  2017/2018 Semester II


Tuesday 18th  April to 11th M ay 2018

Administration of Semester II Examinations 2017/2018


Sunday 6th  May, 2018

End of Semester II 2017/2018


Monday 7th  May to Friday 20th  May, 2018

Central Marking Semester II 2017/2018 Examinations          

 ( 2 weeks)


Monday 21st  May to Friday 1st  July, 2018

School/College School Practice (8 weeks)

Supervision  (4 weeks)


Monday 21st    May to Friday 29th  July, 2018

Industrial Trainning/Practicum/Field work (10 weeks)

Supervision  (4 weeks)


Monday 31st July to 12th August, 2018

DES Examinations


Monday 07th August 2018

Semester I 2018/2019 begins


Monday 29th August to  Friday 2nd September 2018

External Examinations for Theory Papers


Monday 05th September to Friday 09th  September,  2018

Departmental meetings to discuss Semester II 2017/2018 Examination Results


Monday 12th September to Friday16th September,  2018

Release of Preliminary Results Semester II 2017/2018at Departmental level


Monday 19th September to Friday 23rd September  2018

Faculties/School to discuss Examination Results 2017/2018


Monday 26th September to Friday 30th September, 2018

Release of Semester II Provisional Results