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Message from the Head of Department
Education is a lifelong and life-wide process, an intellectual birthright which, when fostered and nurtured, enables all individuals to flourish.  Since its foundation, almost forty years ago, the department of foundations of Education has provided a significant contribution to the field, both locally and internationally, through its scholarly involvement in projects and initiatives, and by means of its engagement in research and policy-making.  While the department’s commitment to teacher formation is central, it also serves society by offering a wide range of courses in Education, ranging from early childhood to adulthood, at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

Through its programmes, aimed at the formation and the continuing professional development of professional and expert educators, the department responds to social change which shapes educational contexts. Addressing this change and proposing innovations, based on research and reflection, leads to further growth which the department embraces in order to be of service to society.  This is also achieved by addressing different educational needs, and giving value to them while focusing on the development of learners by contributing to his/her individual formation.

The department of foundations of Education is proud of its graduates and students and welcomes all learners, scholars, partners, and stakeholders who seek to learn more about its courses, initiatives, and projects.

 Disan Kuteesa Mugenyi (Ph.D.)
Ag. Head of Department

History of FED

FED is one of the Departments in the Faculty of Education located at the west end of the university.

Since its inception in the former Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK), the Department aims at producing quality and competent Teachers, Teacher Educators and pedagogical leaders in line with the national and global trends in society. We are guided by the desire to maintain our cherished values and reputation in molding and mentoring men and women who model best practices in the education sector and the world of work.

At the moment, we conduct courses in History of Education; Sociology of Education; Philosophy of Education; Comparative Education (including Contemporary issues); Economics of Education and Educational Administration. We are also mandated to offer professional guidance and support in Educational Foundations to affiliated institutions of the university.

Students’ enrolment

The number of students on various courses varies from semester to semester depending courses offered and the majority are on private sponsorship

Tutorials: To enhance quality, tutorials for groups of 15 to 60 students are conducted in Professional Studies.

Future Plans 

The Department is conscious of the national and international dynamics and demands in education and is committed to the University Mission and Vision. In pursuit of this, Plans are underway to develop a Masters Degree Programme in Educational Foundations (M.Ed-FED), among other innovations.


The Department of Foundations of Education has several facilities where students develop their skills and abilities and successfully communicate with educational societies inside and outside the faculty. These facilities are the UAEU library, Computer labs, The writing center

Vision, Mission & Objectives


The Foundations of Education Department aspires to become a pioneer in preparing distinguished leaders in education and educational research.

Mission Statement

The mission of the department is to foster the development of foundational knowledge, skills, and dispositions most vital to the future work of outstanding educators.  Our focus is to identify common core experiences that provide the basis for informed, reflective, and efficacious practice, while also providing specialized preparation for various educational professionals.


The mission of the Department of the Foundation of Education will be accomplished through the following strategic goals:

  • Widen access to Kyambogo University academic programmes through technology-mediated learning
  • Mount marketable academic programmes that will be attractive to our clientele
  • Harness the potential of cutting edge educational technology that will reduce the space between the lecturer and the distance learner
  • Provide students’ support systems that will maintain a high retention rate among distance learners of the University.

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