Welcome Remarks

Greetings! Welcome to the Department of Physics, Kyambogo University. Thank you for visiting our Department. The Department of Physics is under the Faculty of Science and is located in the West End campus. The Department of Physics is an excellent choice for you to acquire knowledge-based practical skills in Physics, Physics education, technology and research training in the field of Physics.

If you are interested in developing your career in Physics and wish to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, this is the right place for you. Welcome!

About the Department of Physics

Physics Department is among the oldest departments that exist in Kyambogo University. It has been offering degree programmes in Physics since 1993 upon the establishment of the Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK). Before 2003, when Kyambogo University came into existence, it was offering two Undergraduate Physics programmes, namely, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and Bachelor of Science with Education (BSc.Ed) of Makerere University. Currently, the Department offers both Graduate and Undergraduate programmes. Details of the programmes are in the programme section.

Academic Staff

The department is run by both full-time and part-time academic staff.

Full-Time Academic Staff

  1. Dr. Okullo Michael
  •        Position: Lecturer and Head of Department
  •        Qualification: PhD (Physics)
  •       Field of specialisation: Photovoltaic
  •       Email: okullo.michael@yahoo.com
  1. Prof. Eric Mucunguzi
  •     Position: Professor
  •     Qualification: PhD (Physics)
  •     Field of specialisation: Laser Technology
  •     Email: ericmucunguzi@yahoo.com
  1. Mr. Oriada Richard
  •     Position: Lecturer
  •     Qualification: MSc (Physics)
  •     Field of specialisation: Nuclear Physics
  •     Email: richoriada@yahoo.com
  1. Mbambu Joyce
  •     Position: Assistant Lecturer
  •     Qualification: MSc (Physics)
  •     Field of specialisation: Material Science
  •     Email: joyce_mbambu@yahoo.com
  1. Kabagambe Musa
  •     Position: Assistant Lecturer
  •     Qualification: MSc (Physics)
  •     Field of specialisation: Material Science
  •     Email: kabagambemusa@gmail.com
  1. Namanya Loyce
  •      Position: Graduate Fellow
  •      Qualification: BSc. Ed
  •      Email: nloyce01@gmail.com   
  1. Rukaya Musa

Part-Time Academic Staff

  1. Mr. Enjiku Ben
  2. Prof. Obwoya Kinyera Sam
  3. Prof. Juruwa Edward
  4. Dr. Oruru Bosco
  5. Mrs. Nasejje Stella
  6. Mr. Azorura Christopher
  7. Mr. Wangoge Sam
  8. Mr. Abiriga Faustine
  9. Mr. Nzala Nicholas
  10. Mrs. Talibawo Joan
  11. Mrs. Ibanda Maureen
  12. Mr. Wataka George
  13. Mr. Ochen William
  14. Mr. Kitikoy Chemonges
  15. Ms. Sarah Zawedde
  16. Mr. Masaba Wabwai

Academic Programmes

The department of Physics provides comprehensive programmes in Physics at Diploma, Undergraduate, and Graduate level. The department has two Diploma programmes, namely, Diploma in Science Technology-Physics and Diploma in Material and Ceramic Science Technology. At the undergraduate level, the department offers Bachelor of Science with Education, Bachelor of Science Technology-Physics and Bachelor of Material and Ceramic Science Technology. Graduate programmes include Master of Science in Physics and Doctor of Philosophy in Physics. The Diploma programme takes two years, the undergraduate programme for three years, Masters programme for two years and PhD programme take a minimum of three years.

On successful completion of the training, our graduates are able to teach Physics in Secondary schools and other educational Institutions, deliver service in various sectors and companies were practical skills in Physics are required and contribute to knowledge generation in the field of Physics through research.