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To work together with the Kyambogo University Council and Management towards the development of the University and the realization of the goals cherished by the University and its old students, namely: the nurturing, promotion and protection of academic, intellectual, professional, technology, philosophical and ethical excellence in public and private domains for human and social development.


To mobilize the Alumni and well wishers to support the welfare and progress of the University and to participate in the enhancement and improvement of intellectual and material well-being of the University community including fostering unity and professional relation between fellow members of the Convocation and Kyambogo University.


  • Take interest and participate in the planning and general development of the University.
  • Initiate development of projects aimed at generating income for the Convocation and the University.
  • Establish avenues through which members can participate fully in national issues, reforms, projects, programmes and other areas of interest to them.
  • Establish an efficient network through which the Secretariat will be able to keep in touch with all the members of the Convocation globally.
  • Establish for a through which members will exchange ideas geared towards the improvement of the quality of professionalism in the country.
  • Affiliate or collaborate with national and international convocations.


The Convocation shall be duty bound to meet and discuss any matters within the sphere of Kyambogo University and transmit recommendations arising out of such discussions to the University Council, Senate and their relevant committees.

The specific activities shall, among others, be:-

  1. To bring together all the alumni of Kyambogo University.
  2. To Promote and popularise the social, ethical and intellectual image of Kyambogo University.
  3. To pro-actively solicit for material, financial and human resources to enable Kyambogo University maintain a Competitive edge Kyambogo University maintain a competitive edge with similar institutions.
  4. To collect and preserve materials of historical value to the University and the Convocation, including the University memorabilia.
  5. To assist in the placement of graduates
  6. To foster motivation through honoring distinguished students, members of staff and exemplars alumni in society.
  7. To assemble and maintain Convocation membership database including publication of Convocation newsletter and magazines.
  8. To liase with other Universities Alumni Associations and Convocation to achieve the aforementioned goals.
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