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Kyambogo University (KyU), established in 2003 as one of the Public Universities in Uganda is in the process of transformation to ensure efficient and effective service delivery to her clients. The University has positioned itself as one of the leading Universities in Uganda offering a number of academic and skilling programmes that are in line with National and International development needs.

The University's Strategic Plan of 2012/13 to 2022/23 defines the systematic direction of the growth of Kyambogo University which is premised in its motto of advancing knowledge and skills for service in all areas of research, engineering, teacher education, special needs, technical science, vocational education and outreach activities.

In order to realize this strategic direction (strategic focus area ii and iii), the university is steadily expanding its ICT resources and services. This has been supported by university's in-house developed software referred to as the e-Kampus System that streamline fees payment, admissions and registration of students, dissemination of results to students among others.


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Directorate of Human Resources


The Directorate of Human resource was established in 2010. The Directorate of Human Resource works to ensure that the university fulfils its obligations to all employees.

  • To strengthen the staff development programme of the university.
  • To ensure optimum human resource capacity and utilization at all levels of the university.
  • To develop welfare systems.


  • To ensure optimum use of Human resources as a key to achieve objectives of the university and that of individual member of staff.


  • To provide Secretariat to the University Appointments Board and the Staff Development Committees.
  • To manage the implementation of the resolutions of the Appointments Board and the Staff Development Committees.
  • To develop and manage the implementation of HR policies, strategies, regulations and guidelines for the University.
  • To plan, mobilize and ensure availability of resources to support and promote human resources development programmes in the University.
  • To manage staff recruitment, development, deployment and performance evaluation.
  • To enable strategic collaboration and working linkages with other universities and training institutions in providing relevant training for staff of the University.
  • To handle welfare management such as salary administration and other benefits.
  • To plan, budget, requisition and account for resources allocated to the Directorate.


  • Availability of designated office for Human Resource Development
  • Increased number of staff in training
  • A number of welfare services offered to university staff
  • Increased ethical practices and transparency amongst staff and students
  • Performance of all University staff appraised annually
  • All staff have clear job descriptions
  • Comprehensive Human Resource policies in place

The directorate is currently implementing the following innovations/policies

  1. Introduction of Result Oriented Management as a tool for the University wide planning, strategy implementation and performance monitoring
  2. Introduction of Staff Performance Appraisal for the first time in the ten year history of the University
  3. Computerization of Human Resource Records (HRIS-Digital Data base)
  4. Preparation of a comprehensive Human Resource Manual.


Human Resource Planning, Development and Welfare

This Section shall be responsible for the following:

  • Developing and implementation of Human Resource Development programmes, plan and strategies
  • Developing   Scheme of Service and Succession plan.
  • Developing, maintaining, updating data bank on training programmes, the beneficiaries, training institutions and monitoring progress for staff on training.
  • Managing the staff payroll.
  • Liaising with other universities and Grant providing Agencies for possible funding, training opportunities and exchange programmes.
  • Identifying and recommending staff for further training and development.
  • Developing/reviewing/streamlining retirement scheme, terminal benefits for various category of staff of the University.
  • Maintaining of an updated databank on staff record in liaison with Human Resources Management Unit, maintaining of an updated databank on staff record

Human Resource Management and Records Section

The Section shall be responsible for:

  • Recruitment, deployment, industrial relations, performance management and staff motivation.
  • Developingand managing the implementation of Human Resource policies, strategiesand regulations.
  • Developing and ensuring implementation of appropriate staff welfare schemes and support programmes.
  • Custody, updating   and management of staff records.
  • Managing the Pay roll.

The directorate of human resource has the following staff.

3. Mrs. Magala Peace (Senior Human Resource officer) and Mr. Anthony Muligo (Administrative Assistant) are in charge of Rewards, Compensation, Salaries and Employee welfare division

4. Mrs. Proscovia Nakirya (Human Resource Officer) and Ms. Harriet Nakato (Records Assistant) are in charge Human Resource Information System and Records division

5. Mr. Bazirio Nabutto (Senior Human Resource officer) In charge of Performance management division

10. Ms. Faridah NandaulaSecretary

11. Ms. Emily Gumisiriza Office attendant




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Directorate of Planning and Development


The department was initially proposed at the time of the restructuring of Kyambogo University by a Consultant, K2 Informatics, on the realization of the gap that had existed with regard to the planning function at the University. The University Council and its committees also a number of times expressed concern that the University did not have a designated department to perform the planning role.
During the process of the implementation of the restructuring report, the University decided that the creation of the Planning and Development Department be one of the priority concerns to be addressed.


The department of Planning and Development was formerly set up in 2007 as one of the administrative departments, which is to play a key role in the academic and organizational management of the University.

In broad terms, the Planning and Development Department is mandated to generate planning awareness and steer the University into a systematic planning process and coordinate all planning activities in the University including coordination of resource mobilization efforts. The department is to provide guidance to all the departments and faculties in all planning matters e.g. project development, implementation monitoring and evaluation.

Outline of the Mandate of the Planning and development Department :

i). Guiding the University Corporate and Institutional Development activities. This includes initiation of short, medium and long term plans as well as formulation of strategic goals and coordination of the implementation of plans monitoring and evaluation.
ii). Alignment of the University budget proposals with the strategic goals of the University. This means working closely with the finance department to prepare output oriented recurrent budgets and liaising with the Bursar and Estates Section and other relevant departments in the preparation of the University Capital Development Budgets.
iii). Guiding the Process of Academic Planning

This includes academic programmes planning, especially the assessment of economic recurrent implications of all new programmes as well as existing programmes, thereby appraising them for determining their viability, determination of optimal establishments for effective teaching and guiding the process of market analysis among others. Academic planning also involves initiation of mechanisms for enhancing internal and external efficiencies of the University.

iv). Develop guidelines for coordination and liaison capacity of all collaborative linkages for development, covering;
- National Institutional Linkages.
- Regional and International Linkages.
- Standardizing the linkage documents and other arrangements.

v). Coordination of the designing and development of the University Information and Communication Technology system and developing capacity for collection, processing storage and maintenance of retrievable central database for guiding management decision making.

vi). Coordination of all development projects (local and donor funded) as well as monitoring the implementation of all programmes and projects.

vii). Interpretation of Government Planning and other policy frameworks on Education with particular reference to higher education, and liaison with the Government authorities and agencies.

viii). Initiation and or coordination of the implementation of diagnostic Research/Studies on the external and internal efficiency of the University.

ix). Initiation and promotion of resource mobilization efforts in the University.

x). Contributing to the generation of business and preparing papers for the Planning and Development Committee of Council.





 1  Mr. Tegyeza Joses

Director Planning and Development

 2  Mr.Galiwango Dereck

Senior Planning Officer (Planning and Budgeting)

 3  Mr. Balitta Christopher

Senior Planning Officer      ( Monitoring & Evaluation)

4  Mrs. Irene Namuli Omeke

Planning Officer

5  Mrs. Juliet Nakayiza Nyombi

Administrative Assistant

 6  Mrs. Businge Prossy

Administrative Secretary

 7  Ms. Nazziwa Ponce


 8  Ms. Nalujja Oliver

Office Attendant

 9  Mr. Mukasa William













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Directorate of Gender Main Streaming


Kyambogo University's target is to be one of the very best universities in Uganda and Africa at large. To reach that target, the knowledge and ambitions of employees and students must be utilised, and their different perspectives must be allowed to help establish a creative study, learning and research environment. Mainstreaming gender issues and promotion of gender equality, equal treatment and diversity will lead to improved quality in the university.

The development and adoption of Kyambogo University Gender Policy confirms the University Council is unequivocal commitment to take actions that will bring about more equal gender relations within the university setting. This policy will ensure that all university's policies, systems and programmes are consistent with the national and international gender laws and policies. The policy also gives a clear mandate to the management of Kyambogo University to mainstream gender in university functions. My warm thanks to those who supported and worked in making this policy an integral part of our university-wide policy structure. Many hours went into making this policy a reality, and therefore everyone who participated is applauded. 

I am glad to declare this Policy operational with effect from the date of its approval by the University Council on July 2014.

Chairperson, Kyambogo University Council




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