special take home notice

    Enrollment is a very important function, which shows a notice of intent of a student to become an active member of the university.

    1. Enrollment is a mandatory planning function for all student of the university and is free of charge.
    2. Students should enroll EVERY SEMESTER and two (2) weeks before the commencement of the a new semester and shall not exceed two weeks of the start of the new semester;
    3.  Any students who has not enrolled for a programme shall be deemed to have absconded from the programme
    4. Enrollment is a self-service process and can be done online anywhere and anytime. Make use of the computer labs and available wireless internet spots at the University. Students with laptops/smart phones can use it to enroll.
    5. To enroll, use the link: https://ekampus.kyu.ac.ug, enter your student number and password and click ENROLL and flow the steps.

    NB: Students shall enroll for courses/subjects in adherence to credit units stipulated in the course programme. To enroll for retakes or after withdrawal, or any related enrollment problem, students are encouraged to seek help from the office of the Academic Register or ICT Unit. 


    Students are expected to pay fees according to the programme guides every semester after enrollment and before registration. No fees payment should be made before enrollment.

    1.  Tuition fees, Functional fees are the mandatory fees to be paid every semester depending on the fees structure of the programme.
    2. Other fees such as testimonial, retake fees etc. are paid whenever the service is required
    3. To pay fees, students should login into their portals and pay against the invoices generated by the system after enrollment. The link is: https://ekampus.kyu.ac.ug. Click on MY PAYMENTS and then MAKE PAYMENTS button and follow the steps.
    4. A payment advise slip with a REFERENCE NUMBER is generated from the system after selecting and adding the fees to be paid. Copy the Reference Number or print out the payment advise slip with the reference number The system allows for partial payment of fees and a Reference Number can be generated for partial payment.
    5. After generating a Reference Number the student should walk to the three banks serving Kyambogo University, namely; Stanbic Bank, Crane Bank or Eco Bank or any of their country wide branches pay against the Reference Number. No fees payment should be made to any individual on behalf of the University. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN THE BANK.
    6. Details of how to pay are found on the university website and students Facebook account
    7.  Students who have completed studies and would wish to pay other fees such as certification fees, testimonial fees should use the global fees paying platform found at: http://payments.kyu.ac.ug .

    NB: After payment of fees, students are encouraged to login into their portals and ensure that paid fees is reflected. If the paid fees is not reflected within an hour, the students should go
    back to the bank to verify whether the fees was posted. Further help on fees should be soughtfrom the Finance Department.

    Registration is the third process after enrollment, which shows that the student has fulfilled all the academic and financial obligations. Central registration is for fresh students by the Academic Registrar and Online Self-registration by continuing students. Visit the university website: www.kyu.ac.ug for more details.

    1. Fresh students should follow circulars from the academic registrar on registration and ensure that they abide by the timelines;
    2. In order to be able register, the student must ensure that he/she has cleared all the fees;
    3. Students with fees balances in the previous semester(s) shall not be allowed to register before completion of the unpaid fees;
    4. Students with retakes will only be allowed to register for the courses they wish to retake after obtaining written permission from the Academic Registrar. Students with retakes are therefore instructed to make early clearance;
    5. Students who wish to register after a withdrawal from a programme shall enroll for courses after presenting written permission for resuming a programme from the office of the Academic Registrar;
    6. Students with disciplinary/examination malpractice cases shall not register for any programme unless, they receive written permission clearing them to resume studies from the Academic Registrar;
    7. To register all continuing student who have cleared all fees, login into their portals
    8. (https://ekampus.kyu.ac.ug) and click on the Online Registration function, and selfregister themselves by clicking Register.
    9. The student can view his/her history of registration in their portals by clicking on the online registration button. 

    NB: Students are encouraged to learn how use their portals to avoid lining up for services that can be accessed on their portals. This includes: enrollment, generating reference numbers, self-registration, accessing their results, and other services such as links to the library and e-learning resources. If the student fails to register, they should seek help from the office of the Academic Registrar or ICT Unit.

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