Literature Programmes

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The department offers 2 post graduate programmes: 
Masters in Literature: The department offers the following courses of Literature: 

Post Graduate Diploma in Education/Literature and English Language;
Theories of Literature Teaching, Literature Teaching Methods at a secondary school as well as Designing Literature Curriculum and Course. 
Bachelor of Arts with Education/
The students on this course are pre-service teachers. They are offered a variety of 29 courses:
Introduction to Literature, Language and Style, The Short Story, Ugandan Literature, Oral Literature, Elements of Poetry, Classical Literature, Area Literature (American, South Africa, Europe, Asia, Arabia, West Africa and Caribbean, European Novel in Translation, Children├óÔé¼Ôäós Literature, Literary Theory I (Neo-Classical), Elements of Drama, Literature Teaching Methods, The Essay, The novel :Elements and Scope, Literary Theory II, Curriculum and Course Design, Changing Patterns in Drama, Period Literature, Research Methods, Literary Theory III African Literature, Trends and Patterns in the Novel, Creative Writing, Literature Materials Production and Assessment, Research Project, Literature and Film

Bachelor of Education: These are in-service teachers who wish to upgrade from a diploma in teacher Education. They are offered the same coursed as Bachelor of Arts with Education.

Bachelor of Arts in Arts This category consists of students who are not trained as Literature professionals. They offer the same courses as the teachers and up-graders except the professional courses like teaching and assessment methods.