By Mutungi Emmanuel.

On 27th July, 2018 the Faculty of Vocational Studies held a cocktail to honor and recognize individuals that have made an impact in the lives of the students and also in promoting scholarship.

The function started with opening remarks from Head of Department Art and Industrial Design Dr Emmanuel Mutungi who was the lead organizer. Dr Peter Rukundo from the department of Human Nutrition and Home Economics was the master of ceremonies and he skillfully contained the function using his kiga roots.  The Dean, Faculty of Vocational Studies, Assoc. Prof. Bosco Bua gave the over view of the faculty and thanked the retired members of staff and Prof. Felix Kioli from South Eastern Kenya University- Kenya.  He thanked the Chief Guest Prof. Eli Katunguka, the Vice Chancellor for his leadership that is making Kyambogo University one of the leading universities in Uganda.

Prof Kioli was at Kyambogo University, Department of Art and Industrial Design as a visiting Professor.  He came to Kyambogo University in April 2018 under Inter University Council for East Africa program where universities host scholars from member universities. During his stay Prof. Felix Kioli customised the post graduate student Hand book to the Department of Art and Industrial Design and aligned it with the upcoming PhD program in Design and Visual Culture.  

Professor Kioli conducted six (6) Masters and three (3) PhD colloquiums and seminars.  In addition, he held 56 face to face sessions with graduate students in regard to their research interests.  The seminars and colloquiums were concentrated on the following; setting foundations for research, components of Research, logical flow, literature review and theory foundation.  He worked with masters students in preparation of their final write up for their research projects.

During his stay Prof. Kioli participated in monitoring of IT students of Art and Industrial Design where he offered his expertise.  His stay at the department helped staff members to share their experiences both in academics and cultural life.  Professor Kioli visited several homes of staff members.  Some members took him to several places of interest in Uganda.

The function which was blessed by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Eli Katunguka, Assoc. Professor Wanyama, Assoc Professor Wambede, Dean Graduate School. The Vice Chancellor recognized retired members of staff for their dedicated service to Kyambogo University.  In total, 13 members of staff who retired were recognized for their contribution to Kyambogo University.

The members included Assoc. Professor William Faustine Epeju, Assoc. Professor Habib Kato, Mr. Mugisha John, Mrs Ayiga Josephine, Mrs Efata Cecily, Mrs Ojera Getrude, Mr Obwol Tom, Mr Tukacungurwa Levi, Mr. Butindo Eddie, Dr Wanaku Boniface, Mr. Kagwa and Mr Kavuma William.  The mentioned members served Kyambogo University until they attained 60 years of age which is the mandatory age of retirement though some are still serving the university on contractual arrangement.

The Dean, Faculty of Vocational Studies Assoc. Professor Bua Bosco thanked the retired members for the dedicated services to Kyambogo University and further appreciated those who were still serving on contract for their continued service to Kyambogo University and Uganda as a country.

The Vice Chancellor who graced the occasion thanked Professor Kioli for choosing to work with Kyambogo University and particularly the Department of Art and Industrial Design.  He challenged members of staff to develop collaborative programs as a way of expanding scholarship.  He further challenged members to engage themselves into research such that new knowledge is generated.

He thanked all the members who retired from Kyambogo University for their great contribution.  He emphasized that their contribution is a reason that the faculty has honored them and recognized them.  He argued them to continue supporting Kyambogo University in whichever project of assignment because Kyambogo shaped their character.  He handed them customized certificate of recognition for their contribution to Kyambogo University

All members were then requested to sign a partly concealed canvas.  Members applied their signatures.  Once everybody had signed, the canvas was unveiled.  The Canvas had a portrait of Professor Felix Kioli.  It was painted by one of the Master of Art and Industrial Design student Mr.Edward Kamugisha.  The Vice Chancellor penned his final signature and then handled it to Professor Felix Kioli as a token of appreciation. The cocktail went on until 8:00pm when members departed at leisure.


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