The office of Academic Registrar

The Academic Registrar, Kyambogo University, invites online applications for private admission to the following programmes for the 2019/2020 Academic Year. Applicants should fill the forms online from the website: On submitting the form, print out a payslip and pay a non-refundable fee of Shs.50,000/=(Nationals from the Republics of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan) and $30 (Other Nationals) plus whatever bank charges that are levied by each bank integrated with our system namely: Dfcu Bank, Eco Bank and Stanbic Bank. Applicants with qualifications from countries other than Uganda must submit photocopies of equated academic documents from UNEB to the Admissions Office, Room 3 on submission of the online application form and not later than the closing date for receiving applications.

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The office of Academic Registrar

Invites applications for the academic year 2019/2020 from suitably qualified persons for the under listed programmes offered by the Kyambogo University. Students admitted will start their studies on Saturday 3rd august 2019.The applicants eligieble for admission to Postgraduate Diploma, Master degree and Doctoral programmes at the University must possess prerequisite qualifications (academic and professional) as prescribed in the advertisement. No application for admission shall be considered outside the criteria.
Procedure of application
Applicants should fill the online application form from the website On submitting the form, printout a pay slip and pay a non-refundable application fee of Uganda shillings 50,000/= (Ugandan, Kenyans, Tanzanians, Rwandese, Burundians & South Sudanese applicants) and Uganda Shillings 75,000/= (International applicants) excluding bank charges at any DFCU Bank/ Eco Bank/Stanbic Bank in
Uganda. The deadline for receiving online application is Sunday March 31st 2019.
Certified copies of your academic documents should be submitted to Kyambogo Graduate School at Central Teaching Facility CTF Room 16 immediately after filling the electronic application forms. Applicants who may find difficulties in applying online should seek help from the Kyambogo University Graduate School.

Dr Annie Begumisa

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This is to inform all guild aspirants that the account for payment of nomination fees has been changed from 




A/C NO: 9030005704587


 pdfkyambogoEC 2019 Election Guidlines

pdfkyambogoGuild President Nomination Forms


pdfkyambogoHall Exectives Normination Forms


Hall Chairpersons Nomination Forms


  GRC Nomination Forms


KYU EC 2019 Roadmap 



Wabwiire Sabil Ojambo

Chairperson KYU EC 2019


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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in conjunction with the Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda cordially invites you to attend the first public lecture focused on Intangible cultural Heritage. The public lecturer will take place on the 22nd February 2019 at the Kyambogo University Central Teaching Facility (CTF) Auditorium 105 from 2-5pm

Students have 120 slots for attendance that will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. Therefore for students please register with either Mr. Nyanzi Vicent (0705183044) or Mr. Isanga Salim Saleh (0705078032/0758888974) from the Department of History and Political Science.

For members of staff who wish to attend please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The Vice Chancellor's welcome remarks


admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39)
admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39)




admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39)
admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39)




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admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39)
admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39) admissions ceremony (39)





admissions ceremony (39)


admissions ceremony (36)


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During the Official Visit by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) to Kyambogo University, the team leader Prof. W.M. Mande appreciated the efforts of management in ensuring that Kyambogo students get hands on training through practical work.


The team from NCHE was on visit to be briefed on the governance of the University and also have a brief tour around the University.

Kyambogo National Council  Kyambogo National Council

PHOTO: Members of National Council for Higher Education taking a tour of Kyambogo University.

The Vice Chancellor Kyambogo University, Prof. Eli Katunguka Rwakishaya informed the Visiting team that there has also been development of e-campus to support the growing number of students’ records, payment of fees and which is now being rolled out to all Public Universities as Academic Management Information System (AIMS).

Kyambogo University, P. O BOX 1, Kampala, Uganda


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +25641-4-286238/285272

Twitter: @kyambogou

Facebook: Kyambogo University

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Kyambogo University DICTS, Guild Leaders and Class Coordinators Training On Aims, e-Kampus And the Integration

The training was Organised by the Guild committee of Information, Mobilization and Transportation – Headed by the Mister of the same Hon Aribarema Rogers.

The same was facilitated by the Directorate of Information, Communication and Technology Services.


On the pananel

Dr. Okuonzi John –Director ICTS

Mrs. Estheri Sekasi – Senior Asst. Academic Registrar

Mr. Kasuti David – Senior Administrative Assistant- Dean of Students office

Mr. Kiyimba Geofrey – e-Kampus Team Member

Hon Mbabazi Allan  was the coordinator and MC.

Hon Mbabazi Allan

In attendance were the staff of DICTS, Guild President and Ministers, GRCs and the class coordinators

The Programme Coordinator called on the; 

GRC for Coordinators, Hon. Nerima  Patricia to give some remarks.


The representative of the coordinators gave her message in which she requested the coordinators to register with her for easy of communication. She concluded her message with a verse from the bible 1st Cor 13:2-13 that emphasizes love.





Guild Minister of Information, Mobilization and Transportation- Hon Aribarema Rodgers


The Guild Minister commended the members in attendance for the good turn up and thanked the members of the organizing committee.

He also mentioned that he was able to organise the training with the collaboration from:

  • Office of the Dean of Students
  • Office of the Academic Registrar and
  • Directorate of ICTS

The minister also addressed the fellow leaders and asked them to work tirelessly to pass on the information and the skills they would attained to the whole students fraternity.

Senior Administrative Assistant- Dean of Students office Mr Kasuti David


Mr. Kasuti after saluting the members in attendance, talked about and emphasized the commendable work that is done by coordinators in disseminating information to the student’s body from the Guild and the University Top Management which has helped to put students to order and help to produce employable graduates from Kyambogo.

He also reminded the coordinators on his request for them to create a forum in which they would address their concerns. Furthermore, he emphasized the need for the students to go off the line and get online as per the purpose of the training at hand. He advised the student coordinators to understand the bureaucracy in the university offices and not get frustrated by the existing procedures in the different offices but work to improve them.

Senior Asst. Academic Registrar- Ag Deputy Registrar Admissions Mrs. Estheri Sekasi


The registrar conveyed greetings from the Academic Registrar whom she had represented in the occasion. She went ahead to commend the organizers on the job well done and initiating such a training –the first of its kind.

On the matters of the training at hand the registrar predicted further reduced lining up as students learn to use the AIMS. In her closing remarks, the registrar emphasized the need for students to timely register and get ready to do exams with not interactions. She also reminded students to go and take photos for freshers – a process that was on going at the time.


Director DICTS – Dr. Okuonzi John


The director thanked the members on the panel for their important collaborations and contributions right from e-Kampus and now to the AMIS.  He also emphasized his allegiance and commitment to the students’ body and revealed that over 90% of the employees in the Directorate he heads are former and or students of Kyambogo University and the University produces the best.

The director explained the birth of the e-Kampus system having been a Kyambogo Students project that was supported by the University Management and himself who was their lecturer at the start.

He further revealed to the gathering on how the government of Uganda had benchmarked the e-Kampus system and facilitated the former students of Kyambogo to create the now AMIS in order to manage students records in all the public universities in the country.

The Director also mentioned that the DICTS and the University Management was aiming to enable self-service for all ICT services that include:

  • Self-registration after verification,
  • Getting a payment reference number
  • Viewing students marks
  • Enrollment

 He went further to reveal the facilities that the DICTS and the University are still working on to bring the students services closer to them and he also dubbed the training; “Getting services in your hands” In that direction, Dr. Okuonzi also mentioned the facilities in development that included;

  • An android App for AIMS
  • USSD code link for requesting a reference number without internet.
  • Introduction of mobile money payments
  • Mobile App to take instant photos for the portal.

The training was them started by Mr. Kiyimba Geofrey and Coordinated by Dr. Okuonzi. This was together with the students who participated in the hands on training.



The Guild Presedent was able to spare a few minutes to close the training.


Complied by the Asst. Information Technology Officer Media and Web Services MUGWANYA NASSER

 Facilitated by the DICTS

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By Damali Mukhaye


Kyambogo University has rolled out free counselling services to neighbouring communities to protect students from dangers of alcohol, drug abuse and HIV/Aids.
The programme also aims at senstitising residents of Banda, Kireka, Namboole and other surrounding areas about the dangers of betting, child labour, prostitution, smoking and cancer prevalence, among other social problems.
The university Vice Chancellor, Prof Elly Katugunka, said management took the decision after their research revealed that 80 per cent of Kyambogo students live with some communities that have become drug addicts and others contracted HIV/Aids.
“Majority of people surrounding our university are young and drug addicts, do betting and also have a common problem of high HIV prevalence,” Prof Katugunka said while launching the open day for guidance and counselling at the university main campus on Wednesday.
“These problems are also among our students, so we think that when we roll out the counselling services to the neighbouring community and advise them to avoid such problems, we shall also address the same among our students,” he added.
Prof Katunguka said the guidance and counselling unit has already earmarked the necessary resources for the programme.
The president of Uganda Counseling Association, Mr Gastone Byamugisha, welcomed the initiative as a step in the right direction and asked other private and public universities to emulate Kyambogo.
“We understand majority of Kyambogo students are residing among the slums of Banda where communities have bad elements which students are exposed to. If the university wants to manage their students, it should also manage the community, or else, they are putting their students at a risk,” Mr Byamugisha said.
He also warned against the increasing cases of suicide among university students, attributing it to depression.
Mr Byamugisha said about four students from Makerere have committed suicide due to depression, citing failed relationships, drug addicts and financial problems as some of the causes of depression.
Ms Peace Kyasiimire, a counsellor at serenity centre, a private institute that rehabilitates drug addicts, advised the government to recognise the critical role the counseling association plays and support their activities.

Students flock Butabika
In May, the executive director of Butabika National Referral Mental Hospital, Dr David Basangwa, said majority of patients admitted to the facility are university and high school students suffering from alcohol and drug addiction or abuse.
“At any one time when you walk into Butabika, you find a total population of 850 patients compared to 750 last year,” Dr Basangwa said.
He said the hospital receives 20 new mental patients daily compared to between 10 and 15 previously.

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The Vice Chancellor


I wish to welcome all the fresh students to Kyambogo University and continuing students back for Semester One, Academic Year 2018/19. I congratulate fresh men and women upon your admission to Kyambogo University and I wish to assure you that you made the right choice. I wish the student community a good time at the University during this semester.

Fresh students

As you may have already realised, there is a lot of “freedom” at University unlike in Secondary Schools where you were closely monitored by teachers on personal hygiene and class attendance. It is expected of you as adults to manage your lives well and remain focused on your academics.  In spite of all the freedoms, ensure that you refrain from destructive habits such as betting, abuse of drugs and reckless sex habits which will negatively affect your progress at the University. You must learn to manage your time, extreme freedom and also be careful whom you take on as your friends avoiding those that will not add value to your life at the University.


You were admitted to this University for academic purposes and I wish to inform you that Kyambogo University is committed to ensure that you get quality education. I am concerned about increasing absenteeism from classes.  However, take note that it is a University requirement for students to attend at least seventy-five percent of all lectures and must do course works and tests to qualify to sit for the final examinations. I therefore encourage you to attend lectures as indicated on your timetables and report any irregularities to your Head of Department.

Results of Semester I, 2017/18 were released at your respective Faculties/ Schools and Departments have begun releasing Provisional Results for Semester II, 2017/18.

Admissions Ceremony

All fresh students are invited to attend the Admissions Ceremony which is scheduled to take place on Friday 12th October 2018. This is an important ceremony where all fresh students get formally admitted into Kyambogo University. The ceremony will be crowned with the Fresher’s Ball where you will have lots of entertainment and time to socialise. You will also have the opportunity to meet the top leadership of the University. 

Enrolment and Registration

All students are required to enrol on the e-Kampus every semester as a way of informing the University that you have reported. This is a free service accessible through the student portal which activates other functions on the system to enable you register.  

Central registration begun at the Office of the Academic Registrar for all fully paid up fresh students. You are required to present original copy of your admission letter, academic documents, birth certificate, former school ID, proof of payment of University fees (tuition and functional fees) and NCHE contribution in order to register. All continuing students who have paid up should register through their portal on the e-Kampus system.

I call upon all students to pay the required University fees and register early to avoid paying late registration fees.

Provision of meals

The University Council approved a Policy on Outsourcing Catering Services beginning August 2018 and directed Management to implement the Policy. This Policy has been operationalised and therefore the University no longer provides meals to students. All kitchen services were outsourced and are now managed by service providers who provide meals to the general public at a cost.

The University deposited allowances on bank accounts of all continuing registered government sponsored students to cater for their meals during the first semester. Please use that money sparingly and specifically for meals. I wish to urge all first year government sponsored students to pay the necessary money and register to enable the University to process your allowances.  Ensure that you submit your bank account details to the University Bursar by 28th September 2018 to enable the University process and bank your allowances.


Your personal security is a concern to the University and measures have been taken to ensure that the University is secure. Our internal security officers were recently complemented with personnel from the Uganda Police and they are on alert to ensure that there is maximum security at the University.

The entrance to the University from Banda through the gate at the Department of Art and Industrial Designed was closed. This was done in the interest of security to regulate and monitor the entrance and exit of students, staff and other materials. Security has also prohibited entrance of boda bodas within the University. This is meant to avoid accidents that result from reckless riders. In case you notice any security threat, please alert the Police, administration and student leaders. Adhere to the security guidelines at your respective residences and do not hesitate to alert the authorities in case of any emergency.

Lastly, I am aware of the political tide in the country and your constitutional right of the freedom of expression. In as much as you exercise your rights, I encourage you not to engage in unlawful assemblies and violent activities which often result into imprisonment or loss of lives. You must also respect the rights of fellow students. I urge the student body to maintain peace at the University and whenever there are issues that affect your wellbeing at the campus, Management is more than willing to engage you in a discussion aimed at finding a lasting solution.

I encourage you to concentrate on your academics and excel to secure a brighter future for yourselves and your families.

May God bless you and watch over you.

Prof. Eli Katunguka-Rwakishaya, Ph.D



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The academic registrar with great pleasure invites the Chairperson and Members of Top Management, Deans of Faculties / Schools, Heads of Academic / Administrative Departments, Professors / Associate Processors, Senior Lectures, Senior Administrative Staff, Guild President and Cabinet and the Fresh men and women of the academic year 2018-2019 to the 18th Admissions Ceremony to take place on Friday 12 October 2018 at the Admissions Square Quadrangle next to the Main Hall West and the Library West End starting at 1:30 pm

Download Invitation for Top Management and other Staffpdfkyambogo



Download Initation for Fresh Men and Women of 2018-2019



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The office of the University Bursar would like to inform our esteemed students that the six (6) weeks before the Late Registration fees is effected will expire on the 23rd Sep 2018. In the case that you have not cleared the University dues by that date a fee of 50,000/= will be added to your fees.

Below is a pdf of the details on the guidelines for fees payment for Sem II 2018-2019.

pdfkyambogoDownload the guidelines for fees payment.




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1. Kyambogo University has allocated funds to be used for the Procurement of Medical Insurance Services.

2. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the Open Domestic bidding procedures contained in the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act, 2003  (asamended), and are open to all bidders.

3. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents at the address given below at 6(b) from 8.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m.

4. The Bidding Documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Ug.Shs. 200,000/= (Two hundred thousand shillings only) payable onto Kyambogo University A/C 9030005704587 Stanbic Bank. Payment procedures: Pay to the above account, present the Bank payment slip to the University Cash Office for issuance of receipt to be presented to Procurement and Disposal Unit at the address on 6(b) for issuance of the Solicitation document.

6. (a) Sealed applications clearly marked “Application for Provision Medical Insurance Services” should physically be delivered at the under mentioned address by 12.00noon on 10th October 2018. The bids will be opened at 2:00pm. at the Procurement and Disposal Unit, in the presence of the applicants who wish to attend. Note that the bidding documents should be submitted in properly sealed envelopes labeled, “Provision of Medical Insurance Services - KYU/NCONS/2018-19/00003”.
    (b) The Head Procurement and Disposal Unit, Administration Building (1st Floor), Kyambogo University, P.O. Box 1, Kyambogo, Tel 0414-287642.

7. Bids must be delivered to the address above at 6 (b) at or before 10:00am on 10th October 2018: All bids must be accompanied by a bid security in form of unconditional bank guarantee worth Ugshs. 20,000,000 (twenty million Uganda Shillings). Late bids shall be rejected. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who

8. The planned procurement schedule (Subject to changes) is as follow;

 Activity  Date
 a. Publish bid notice  6th September 2018
 b. Pre-Bid meeting  18th September 2018 (11:00am)
c. Bid closing date 10th October 2018


Charles Okello
University Secretary/Accounting Officer


pdfkyambogoDownload the pdf Verson

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ieee2018 17

12th September 2018

Kyambogo University IEEE Students Branch holds a successful Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC18)

By: Roland Niwareeba (Head Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Branch Counselor- Kyambogo University IEEE Students Branch)


Group photo (above) is of the participants and facilitators during SPAC18(6th From the right, Prof. Fabian Nabugoomu- Deputy Vice Chancellor- Kyambogo University, Dr Micheal Kyakula- Dean Faculty of Engineering, Mr. Niwareeba Roland- Head Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Professor Zabih (Fary) Ghassemlooy, Mr. Micheal Kasirye, Dr. Catherine Wandera and Mr. Kenneth Barungi- Deputy General Manager Kakira Sugar Works)

SPAC18 was held on 30th August 2018, it was massively attended by students from Kyambogo University Electrical and Electronic Engineering department, representatives from the university management, government and industry. It was also attended by IEEE student members from Makerere University. The total number of participants was over 600. The theme for this year’s conference was “Science, Engineering and Technology today”.

The event started with the head of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mr. Niwareeba Roland who is also the branch counselor of Kyambogo University IEEE Students branch.  He welcomed the guests and talked about the linkages the department has created with industry, government and academia. His presentation was followed by the deputy vice chancellor- Finance and Administration of Kyambogo University, Prof. Fabian Nabugoomu who commended the work done by the department and officially opened the conference.

The most interesting presentation was by Professor Zabih (Fary) Ghassemlooy, the professor of Optical Communication at Northumbria University, UK. He talked about Visible Light Communication Technology, highlighted its applications and explained the research that is currently being undertaken in the area of optical wireless communication.  He also explained how and why optical wirless communication should co-exist with the existing RF technology. The participants were so impressed by the enormous applications of this technology and some of the faculty members and students started thinking about forming optical communication research group in Kyambogo University.

Prof. Fary’s presentation was followed by Mr. Buga Asasaira, the Managing Director of Buga Tech Ltd. He talked about 5G technology and how it is heterogeneous consisting of a number of technologies like beam forming, microcells and full duplex.

Dr. Micheal Kyakula, the dean-Faculty of Engineering talked about Engineering Professionalism and Ethics. He explained the IEEE code of conduct at length.

Mr. Kenneth Barungi, the deputy General Manager of Kakira Sugar Works presented on “Leadership competences in the modern society”. He gave tips on how one can be successful in his career. He also talked about Kakira Sugar Works being the largest manufacturer of Sugar and related products in Uganda. Kakira Sugar generates 50 MW of power from biomass, the largest of such in Africa.

Dr Al-Mas Sendegeya, a lecturer in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering made a presentation on “The role of Engineers to Sustainable Development: Ref to Sustainable Development Goals”.

Mr. Kasirye Micheal from Civil Aviation Authority made a presentation on “ The Relevance of Telecommunications Engineering in Communication Navigation Surveillance” .

The last among the invited key-note speakers was Mr. John Matogo from IBM Africa who presented on “Cyber Security- Threats and how to deal with them”. The participants were so impressed by his presentation that some of them vowed never again to be victims of network attacks.

The last item was exhibition, where students from the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering exhibited their projects to the invited guests and participants.  Prof. Fary was so impressed by the students’  projects and he pledged to support the students projects in the area of communication. He announced that the student with the best poster presentation  at SPAC will be getting an ward of 50 GBP and the best project overall  will walk away with a prize of 200 GBP.


ieee2018 1   ieee2018 2

 Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration)

delivering the key note opening remarks.


Mr. Niwareeeba Roland, Head of Department

talking about the department and the student branch

ieee2018 3   ieee2018 4
Professor Zabih (Fary) Ghassemlooy from Northumbria

University, UK presenting on optical wireless communication.


 Mr. Kenneth Barungi from Kakira Sugar Works Ltd

talking about “Leadership competences in the

modern society”

ieee2018 5   ieee2018 6
 Dr. Micheal Kyakula presenting on “Engineering

Ethics and Professionalism”.

  Mr. Micheal Kasirye from CAA presenting
ieee2018 7   ieee2018 8
Mr. John Matogo from IBM Africa doing his presentation.  

Dr Sendegeya Almas taking about sustainability.

ieee2018 9   ieee2018 10

Mr. Buga Asasira, managing director of

Buga Tech talking about 5G technology

  Participants following the presentations
ieee2018 11   ieee2018 12
Participants following the presentations   Students exhibiting their projects
ieee2018 13   ieee2018 16
Students exhibiting their projects   Lunch time
ieee2018 14   ieee2018 15
Dr Excellence Favor, the MC of the day   Ms Birabwa Denise, the Projects Coordinator
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Kyambogo University Invites the Staff, Students and the Public to the


1st Open Day Counselling Day

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Guidance and Counselling Unit - Open Day for all


Kyambogo University Guidance and Counselling Unit is organising an open day to sensitize the community about Counselling and Counselling services on 19th September, 2018. We seek to network with bonafide professional counsellors, counselling firms, institutions that practice counselling especially other public universities.

Counsellors shall offer probono/free counselling to staff, students and the community. The activity will take place at the east end sports ground from 8.30am to 4.30pm. Come and know more about Counselling, receive the service and actively participate. Jean Nuwagaba, Senior University Counsellor.



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By Mutungi Emmanuel.

On 27th July, 2018 the Faculty of Vocational Studies held a cocktail to honor and recognize individuals that have made an impact in the lives of the students and also in promoting scholarship.

The function started with opening remarks from Head of Department Art and Industrial Design Dr Emmanuel Mutungi who was the lead organizer. Dr Peter Rukundo from the department of Human Nutrition and Home Economics was the master of ceremonies and he skillfully contained the function using his kiga roots.  The Dean, Faculty of Vocational Studies, Assoc. Prof. Bosco Bua gave the over view of the faculty and thanked the retired members of staff and Prof. Felix Kioli from South Eastern Kenya University- Kenya.  He thanked the Chief Guest Prof. Eli Katunguka, the Vice Chancellor for his leadership that is making Kyambogo University one of the leading universities in Uganda.

Prof Kioli was at Kyambogo University, Department of Art and Industrial Design as a visiting Professor.  He came to Kyambogo University in April 2018 under Inter University Council for East Africa program where universities host scholars from member universities. During his stay Prof. Felix Kioli customised the post graduate student Hand book to the Department of Art and Industrial Design and aligned it with the upcoming PhD program in Design and Visual Culture.  

Professor Kioli conducted six (6) Masters and three (3) PhD colloquiums and seminars.  In addition, he held 56 face to face sessions with graduate students in regard to their research interests.  The seminars and colloquiums were concentrated on the following; setting foundations for research, components of Research, logical flow, literature review and theory foundation.  He worked with masters students in preparation of their final write up for their research projects.

During his stay Prof. Kioli participated in monitoring of IT students of Art and Industrial Design where he offered his expertise.  His stay at the department helped staff members to share their experiences both in academics and cultural life.  Professor Kioli visited several homes of staff members.  Some members took him to several places of interest in Uganda.

The function which was blessed by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Eli Katunguka, Assoc. Professor Wanyama, Assoc Professor Wambede, Dean Graduate School. The Vice Chancellor recognized retired members of staff for their dedicated service to Kyambogo University.  In total, 13 members of staff who retired were recognized for their contribution to Kyambogo University.

The members included Assoc. Professor William Faustine Epeju, Assoc. Professor Habib Kato, Mr. Mugisha John, Mrs Ayiga Josephine, Mrs Efata Cecily, Mrs Ojera Getrude, Mr Obwol Tom, Mr Tukacungurwa Levi, Mr. Butindo Eddie, Dr Wanaku Boniface, Mr. Kagwa and Mr Kavuma William.  The mentioned members served Kyambogo University until they attained 60 years of age which is the mandatory age of retirement though some are still serving the university on contractual arrangement.

The Dean, Faculty of Vocational Studies Assoc. Professor Bua Bosco thanked the retired members for the dedicated services to Kyambogo University and further appreciated those who were still serving on contract for their continued service to Kyambogo University and Uganda as a country.

The Vice Chancellor who graced the occasion thanked Professor Kioli for choosing to work with Kyambogo University and particularly the Department of Art and Industrial Design.  He challenged members of staff to develop collaborative programs as a way of expanding scholarship.  He further challenged members to engage themselves into research such that new knowledge is generated.

He thanked all the members who retired from Kyambogo University for their great contribution.  He emphasized that their contribution is a reason that the faculty has honored them and recognized them.  He argued them to continue supporting Kyambogo University in whichever project of assignment because Kyambogo shaped their character.  He handed them customized certificate of recognition for their contribution to Kyambogo University

All members were then requested to sign a partly concealed canvas.  Members applied their signatures.  Once everybody had signed, the canvas was unveiled.  The Canvas had a portrait of Professor Felix Kioli.  It was painted by one of the Master of Art and Industrial Design student Mr.Edward Kamugisha.  The Vice Chancellor penned his final signature and then handled it to Professor Felix Kioli as a token of appreciation. The cocktail went on until 8:00pm when members departed at leisure.


recog 4 recog 5
recog 3 recog 2
 recog 1 recog 6
recog 8 recog 7
recog 9 recog 10
recog 11 recog 12
recog 13 recog 14
recog 15 recog 16
recog 17 recog 18
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By Andrew Ssenyonga

This is the first time in Uganda that any top leader of a university pens a performance contract

Kyambogo University vice chancellor Prof. Eli Katunguka on Wednesday signed a five performance contract aimed at transforming the university into a truly international, research active institution with better qualified staff, adequate facilities and ICT infrastructure, producing high quality relevant and skilled graduates.
“On my part, there are targets that have been set for me to achieve over the next five years; on the part of the council, there are obligations to do with providing the necessary resources for me to achieve the set targets,” he said.

During the ceremony at the university, Katunguka also noted that the move would improve performance of the leadership of the university.

“So, today is a historic occasion in the life of this university when the vice chancellor, who is the top executive of the university, signs a performance contract with the chairman council,” he said.

He added that this will ensure that each leader contributes on the achievement of the overall vision of the university, which is to be the centre of academic and professional excellence.

“The signing of the contract today should send a signal to the staff that it is no longer business as usual,” he warned.

The university council chairman, Prof. John Okedi, disclosed that this is the first time in Uganda that any top leader of a university pens a performance contract with the council.

 “In many government institution people have been awarded with permanent and pensionable contract but this one needs review of one’s performance every after a given period of time,” he explained.
Okedi said that Katunguka shall be responsible for the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the university.

“This is a huge task and it means that he is responsible for everything in the university including cleanliness, security, student affairs, roads, lighting, money among others,” he explained.

The University secretary, Charles Okello, noted that the contract is premised in line with the strategic plan of the university which is identified in five pillars.

“These include teaching and learning, research, innovation and knowledge generation, physical infrastructure, facilities and ICT development, institutional development (human resources, financial resource, and policies) and strategic marketing.

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We are glad to announce that DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service) is offering up to twelve (12) scholarships, open to young East African academics and scientists, for the academic year 2019/2020 to pursue a PhD in Germany. 

The scholarships are open to all fields of research. No age limit!

The Master’s degree must not be older than 6 years at the time of the application.

Application deadline: 31st October, 2018                               

Among the main requirements is a well developed research proposal (10 to 15 pages). The applicant needs to find a supervisor in Germany or get admission for a structured PhD programme.

For further information, visit us during our visiting hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 12 noon, check our website or contact me as the officer in charge of this programme.

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