Department of History and Political Education

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Excecutive Summary

History department is among the old departments that exist in Kyambogo University. It acquired its present status in 1993 upon approval of the Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK) statute. It was formally established to teach Bachelor of education (BED) degree programmes of Makerere University up to 2003 when it was incorporated into the newly established Kyambogo University which was as a result of the merger of the three former institutions of Institute of teacher education-Kyambogo (ITEK), Uganda polytechnic-Kyambogo (UPK) and Uganda national institute for students with disabilities (UNISE) that it started teaching degree programmes of Kyambogo University. Currently, if offers three programmes namely Bachelor of Arts with Education (BA/ED), Bachelor of Arts in Arts (BAA/A), and Bachelor of Education (BED). The Department also runs a Master in History Programme. It also houses the section of Political Science.


The primary aims of the department are:

  1. Equip learners with adequate content so as to improve their teaching at secondary schools in general and particularly at O and A level.
  2. Assist learners acquire appropriate methods and techniques of teaching the subject at all levels.
  3. Help learners examine and appreciate national and international issues.
  4. Improve learners skills in rational and logical discussion of ideas.
  5. Develop interest in historical research and the use of a variety of source materials.
  6. Make learners develop the desire for continuous self-development through self-motivated learning.


Since its establishment to date it has been headed by the following:

  1. Ms Filda Lanyero Ojok                        1993
  2. Mr. Cyprian Ben Adupa                      1994 -1997
  3. Prof. Kiyaga Mulindwa (RIP)               1998-2000
  4. Dr.Nathan Sewanyana Senkomago    2001-2009
  5. Dr. Cyprian Ben Adupa                        2009 - 2010
  6. Mr. James Wilson Magezi                     2010 - Present


The Programme targets O and A level certificate holders and Mature Age entrants.

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