Department of Languages & Communication 

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Welcome to the Department of Languages & Communication, Kyambogo University.
This is a relatively new department in the University. Before the department came into existence, language as an area of study was part of the Department of Languages & Literature. In October 2007, the split of the later created the department of Literature and the department of Languages & Communication.

The Languages & Communication has the following sections:
(i) The English Language Studies (ELS) section
(ii) The French Section
(iii) The Luganda Section
(iv) Kiswahili Section 
(v) Language Education

We also have a one year Post Graduate Diploma in Education (P.G.D.E.) course for those who do B.A.A. but later want to become teachers.

Lastly,  the Languages & Communication Department is working on a Mass Communications Programme, a Masters in Arts French & English Language & Linguistics Programmes. Their development are in the advanced stages and will begin in the near future.

Once again, welcome to the Department of Languages and Communication.

Dr. Nabiccu Sarah

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