The Department of Agriculture strives to contribute to the agricultural sector by providing training that will enhance job creation and sustainable livelihoods in Uganda and the region. We periodically review our programmes in an effort to realign the training, research and community activities to respond to the national, regional and global trends and challenges.

This has resulted in training programs where students receive education with strong vocational orientation. Notable is the Bachelors of Vocational Studies in Agriculture with Education (BVS Agric/Ed). Three undergraduate programs and five postgraduate programs will be launched soon. This breed of graduates are able to serve at several levels in national or international institutions, engage in agricultural enterprises as a vocation and work with rural communities to improve livelihoods.

There is strong multi-disciplinary academic staff with specialization in fields like; agricultural extension & education, agronomy, crop protection, soil sciences, animal production, feeds & animal nutrition, natural resource management and agricultural economics. In addition the department carries out on-station work at the farmland at Kyambogo hill, Nakagere and Namasiga.



 Dr. Robert Mulebeke (AG. HEAD)

 PhD. Dryland Resource Management (UoN),

 MSc. Soil Science (MAK)

 B.Ed. Agriculture (MAK)

 Dip. Educ. (ITEK)

 Post Grad. Dip. Groundwater Exploration, Water  Resources Exploitation and Conservation (HUJI)

 Specialty: Soil and Water Management

 Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 head agric
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