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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers a rich mixed grill of programmes in the Arts and Social Sciences designed to impart total education in humanities by providing education of the heart and mind to equip the students for quality service to transform society.

To enable students to excel, a comprehensive study support through tutorials is offered.


The Faculty has eight (8) Departments
- Department of Economics and Statistics 
- Department of Geography and Social Studies
- Department of History
- Department of Religious Studies
- Department of Music and Performing Arts
- Department of Languages and Communications
- Department of Literature
- Department of Sociology and Social Administration


The Faculty offers the following programmes:

  1. Master of Arts in Literature
  2. Master of Arts in Religious studies
  3. Master of Arts in History
  4. Master of Arts in Geography
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Social Administration
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Micro finance
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Statistics
  8. Bachelor of Arts with Education
  9. Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
  10. Bachelor of Arts in Arts
  11. Diploma in Library and Information Science
  12. Diploma in Education secondary (French)
  13. Diploma in Music and Theatre Arts
  14. Diploma in Microfinance
  15. Certificate in Elementary French
  16. Certificate in Business French




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Kyazike Elizabeth (PhD)

Faculty Dean

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