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Ag. DVC AA Hands Over

The DVC Finance and Admin P rof. Fabian Nabugoomu preside over the hand over of former AG. DVC Academic Affairs to Prof. Maria G.N Musoke the new DVC Academic Affairs. The handover was witnessed among others the university Secretary, the Academic Registrar, the Chief Internal Auditor

IIC4 Conference

     Department of Languages & Communication 

     English Section
     French Section
     Kiswahili Section
     Luganda Section 
     Language Education
    Language Staff


    This section offers BA.ED, BAA & BED programmes. The students take Luganda and any other subjects such as History, Economics etc.

    They offer the following courses:

    BA.ED & BAA

    Year I Semester I

    LL 111: Introduction to language & Linguistics
    LL 112: The Art of Communication & Basic issue in Luganda
    LL 113: History of Luganda in Education
    LL 114: Applied Linguistics in Luganda

    Semester II

    LL 121: Descriptive Analysis of Luganda Language
    LL 122: Oral Literature in Luganda
    LL 123: Luganda & Comtemporary Issues
    LL 124: Vocabulary, Composition & Comprehension

    Semester I

    Core Courses
    LL 211: Basic Issues in Luganda Phonology
    LL 212: Principles of Translation
    LL 213: The Structure of Luganda Language

    LL 214: Language Situation in Luganda
    LL 215: Luganda Stylistics
    LL 216: Luganda Dialectology

    Semester II
    Core Courses

    LL 221: A Study of Morpholgy of Luganda
    LL 222: The Ganda Culture
    LL 223: Analytical review of Prominent contributors

    LL 224: Luganda and the Media
    LL 225: Methods of Teaching Luganda I
    LL 226: Psycholinguistics in Luganda






    Semester I 

    Core Courses

    LL 311: Sentence Analysis in Luganda
    LL 312: Research Methods in Luganda
    LL 313: Creative Writing in Luganda
    LL 317: Lexicology and Lexicography


    LL 314: Luganda Literature & Literary Criticism
    LL 315: Poetry in Luganda
    LL 316: Prose/ The Novel

    Semester II

    Core Courses 

    LL 321: Luganda & Gender
    LL 322: Philosophical Interpretation in Luganda
    LL 323: Research Project


    LL 324: Drama in Luganda
    LL 325: Social Linguistics
    LL 326: Editing & Publishing
    LL 327: Testing & Evaluation in Luganda
    LL 328: Methods of Teaching Luganda II

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