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Are you in need of Courses Designed To suit Your Lifestyle??

Here is the answer


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You are welcome to the ODeL Centre!!

ODeL Centre in Kyambogo University (KyU) was inaugurated in 2007 as an effort of The Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODeL). ODeL refers to Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODeL). It is a Centre in KyU that manages and administers Open, Distance and E-learning.  Courses offered by ODeL are flexible, accessible and cost effective.

Dr. Ndawula Stephen  (Ag Director, ODeL Centre  )

Unlike the traditional classroom based courses, the ODeL mode of learning is an alternative to those who prefer to stay in their homes or workplaces while studying. It gives the opportunity to study away from the classroom without interrupting their day to day activities.Our e-modules are user friendly as we select aspects that best suits the learner needs and within the contexts of the study programs. Delivery is enhanced by computers (online), audio conferencing, two-way video, or other electronic means. The mode encompasses e-technologies to reach learners at a distance. We designed this mode to encourage learner interaction and certification of learning 

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