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Ag. DVC AA Hands Over

The DVC Finance and Admin P rof. Fabian Nabugoomu preside over the hand over of former AG. DVC Academic Affairs to Prof. Maria G.N Musoke the new DVC Academic Affairs. The handover was witnessed among others the university Secretary, the Academic Registrar, the Chief Internal Auditor

IIC4 Conference

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    Name Qualifications Aspirations
    Dr. C. Gombe Ph.D, Kenyatta University Research in indigenous knowledge and skills of Lubugo/Mat-making
    Mr. N. Kaggwa DFA & PGDE ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£MUK  
    Mr. J. Mugisha MA-MUK  
    Mr. G. Sizoomu MEd, Manchester, UK University Research: Bio-fuel production

    Project: Community water harvest

    Mr. W. Kavuma M.A. ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ MUK  
    Mrs. M. Senoga M.Ed.- MUK Student: Ph.D York Univ. Canada
    (Art Education)
    Mr. E. Wathum M.A., Baroda Univ. India  
    Mrs. J. Kekimuri Arineitwe M.A, MUK (Painting) Taking part as proposed mentor for M.A. Vocational Pedagogy
    Mr. M. Kimani BEd-Kenyatta University Research in natural yarn
    Ms. J. Namulindwa BIFA-MUK Student: M.A Makerere Univ. 
    Mr. E. Mutungi MA ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£MUK Student: Ph.D Makerere Univ.(Sculpture)
    Mr. C. Sserwaniko BIFA-MUK, Comp-UNISE Student: Educ. In ICT Makerere Univ.
    Mr. A. Nabifo BA-MUK On study leave in South Africa
    Ms. M. Nannyomo BED-MUK Student: M.A Makerere Univ.,

    (Fabric. Decoration)

    Ms. J. Nabaggala BEd-MUK Completing M.A Makerere Univ.
    Ms. P. Tusaasiirwe BVOC ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£KYU M.A, Vocational Pedagogy, Akershus University College
    Mr. H. Mujjuzi BEd-MUK Completing M.A Kenyatta Univ. (Weaving)
    Mr. D. Ssenyondwa BEd- MUK Completin M.A Makerere Univ. (Sculpture)
    Ms. J. Kyeyune M.A, MUK Multimedia Crafts
    Mr. Balaba B.I.FA, PGDE MUK Ceramics
    Mr. M. Odongo BA, Nkumba Univ. Drawing
    Ms. F. Acaye MA Oxford Brookers Univ. Interior Design
    Mr. F. Mpambara Dip. Educ. Landscaping and Garden Planning
    Mr. P. Katabulawo BED, KYU Graphic Design
    Mr. M. Butindo MAF,Med, MUK History of Art
    Ms. L.Ndagire MIT, cand. MUK Information Technology
    Mr. G. Lutalo M.A cand. MUK Marking Management
    Rev. Were Dip. Desing (Fab)NRB BA/EDU, M.A, MUK Textile Design
    Mr. M. Kabanda MEd (TELL) Communication Skills
    Ms. S. Nakuya BIFA, MUK, Cert. Int. Design, KYU Interior Design
    Mr. W.A Batte BIFA (Fab Dec), MEd, MUK Textile Design
    Mr. E. Ssemanda BA/ED Med, MUK Foundations of Education
    Ms. G. Namyalo BA/ED, Med, MUK Comparative Education
    Ms. M. Lubega M.A, Ph.D cand. Dar-es Salama Development Studies
    Ms. Naiga Diori BED, M.A cand. MUK Educational Psychology
    Mr. G. Kutosi   Curriculum Theory
    Ms. F. Asiimwe   Development Studies
    Ms. L. Rwakijuma   Educational Administration
    Mr. E. Ntale   Educational Psychology
    Mr. M. Kuteesa   Philosophy of Education
    Ms. F. Tuhairwe   Sociology of Education
    Mr. D. Kawuma   Educational Technology
    Ms. O. Agaba   Comparative Education
    Dr. M. Kasule Kizito PhD. Art Education
    Mr. K. Muwonge M.A. Art Education
    Liv Mijelde Akershus University College (HIAK) Ph.D-Vocational Pedagogy
    Richard Daly Akershus University College (HIAK) Ph.D- Anthropology
    Lennart Nilsson Goteborgs Universitet Pedagogen Ph.D-Vocational Pedagogy
    Mr. J. Tigatege Technician, Textiles Dip. Textiles: Fabric Dec. (KYU), Cert. in comp (KYU)
    Mr. S. Wangoye Assistant Technician, Ceramics Dip. UPK
    Mr. F. Sebabi Technician, Ceramics Dip. Industrial Ceramics, Dip. Tech. Teacher Educ
    Mr. P. Napakol Assistant Technician, Ceramics & Scul. Cert. in Ind. Ceramics
    Mr. G. Aweri Studio Attendant Cert. UPK
    Ms. J. Komugisha Tumusiime Secretary Dip. Sten. (M.P.C.I), Cert. in computer (KYU)
    Ms. G. Lwanga Office Attendant ( East End) Cert. in Business Educ., Cert. in comp. (KYU)
    Mr. Y. Kakembo Office Attendant (West End) Primary
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