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28th September, 2018

The Academic Registrar, Kyambogo University, invites applications for private admissions from suitably qualified candidates for the Diploma in Education Primary (DEPE) and Diploma in Special Needs Education (DSNEE) 2018/2019 Academic Year.  Detailed information about the selection criteria and fees structure can be accessed on the website or Applicants should fill electronic application forms at respective coordinating centers or Admissions Division Room 1 at Kyambogo University upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Shs. 50,000/=(Nationals from the Republics of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan) and $30 (Other Nationals) payable to Kyambogo University Department of Distance Learning Stanbic Bank account no. 9030005812479.  Applicants with qualifications from countries other than Uganda must submit photocopies of equated academic documents from UNEB to the Admissions Office, Room 1 on submission of the online application form and not later than the closing date for receiving applications. Ugandan nationals must submit certified copies of their academic documents in Room 1, Admissions Office. The Deadline for receiving application forms is Friday 30th November 2018 by 12.00am (Mid night).                           






Diploma in Education Primary


A minimum of UCE certificate with at least 5 passes obtained at the same sitting, Grade II or Competence test and trained as a Grade III teacher.

Kibuli PTC

Jinja PTC, Wanyange

St. Noa Mawagali, Busuubizi

Kabwangasi PTC

St. Aloysius PTC, Ngora

Canon Lawrence PTC, Boroboro

Christ the King PTC, Gulu

St. John Bosco PTC, Lodonga

St. George’s PTC, Ibanda

Bikiira PTC, Rakai


Diploma in Special Needs Education


A minimum of UCE certificate with at least 5 passes obtained at the same sitting, Grade II or Competence test and trained as a Grade III teacher.

Sancta Maria PTC, Nkokonjeru

St. Mary’s PTC Bukedea

Loro Core PTC

Bikira PTC, Rakai

Kamurasi PTC

Kiyoora PTC


    1. Information on the KyU website:                                                                         
    2. Applicants should fill and submit the forms online from the website:                                                                    
    3. Do not buy any other documents not originating from the office of the Academic Registrar. Those who buy do so at their own risk. BEWARE OF CONMEN AND CONWOMEN.                                                                   
    4. The Academic Registrar has not appointed any agents to act on behalf of the University to solicit for additional funds other than the application fee stated above.                      
    5. All enquiries should be addressed to the ACADEMIC REGISTRAR at the above address.                                                                              
    6. The fees structure is obtainable on the KyU website. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE UNIVERSITY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REVIEW FEES FROM TIME TO TIME.                                    
    7. To confirm receipt of your application payment, please check the email address you used to sign up. If you do not receive any email within 30 minutes after payment, please log into your admission account and check the status of the form you have paid for. It should be 'PAID'. If the status does not change within 24 hours from the time of your payment, please go to the bank branch and confirm that your payment has been sent to Kyambogo University and then contact us using the contact form on the admission portal or come to Kyambogo University Admissions Office to clear any arising issues.               
    8. Those who sat O’level over the years should make sure they fall within the requirements of those years as per the guidelines available at our Coordinating Centers.
    9. Lists of admitted students and admission letters shall be sent to the respective Colleges of choice.                                                               

                Dr. Annie Begumisa                                                                           

                ACADEMIC REGISTRAR

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