Masters Programmes 

        i   Master of Business Administration

       ii   Master of Public Policy Management

       iii   Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

    Bachelors Programmes

    1. Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance
    2. Bachelor of Management Science
    3. Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management
    4. Bachelor of Business Studies
    5. Bachelor of Business Studies with Education
    6. Bachelor of Administrative and Secretarial Science

    Diploma Programmes

    1. Diploma in Business Administration
    2. Diploma in Accounting and Finance
    3. Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management
    4. Diploma in Secretarial Science


    The School has four Academic Departments as follows:

    1. Department of Accounting and Finance
    2. Department of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship
    3. Department of Management Science
    4. Department of Procurement and Marketing
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