Bachelor of Education (In-Service Programme)

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    This is a two year course to enhance deeper theoretical, practical, scientific and teaching skills to produce graduate teachers to serve as PE specialists in private or government secondary schools, Tutors in Grade III Primary Teacher's colleges or other sport related bodies; including administration as Education Officers. This in-service programme aims at updating and upgrading the grade V Diploma in Education holder to the status of a graduate teacher of physical education and sport. In addition to Physical Education, the programme offers professional studies plus a second teaching subject.

    Minimum entry requirements: Diploma in Education (DSE, DEP or DEPE) or pass mature age entry examinations. Assessment is by course work, examination and research .Candidates are admitted on private or government sponsorship.

    Aims & Benefits

    • Train as a graduate teacher of physical education to serve as a PE specialist in secondary schools, in grade III Primary Teacher's colleges or other sport related bodies
    • Acquire deeper theoretical, practical, scientific and teaching skills in Physical Education and sports
    • Enhance administrative, organizational and leadership competencies and school related coaching abilities in sport and physical education

    Specific Objectives:

    • By the end of the programme learners should be able to:
    • Demonstrate scientific understanding and practical application of sport science to teaching of physical education
    • Demonstrate sportive competencies in activities taught at secondary school and college level
    • Demonstrate ability to interpret, plan and implement appropriate physical education curricular.
    • Display effective methods of teaching students in various physical and sports activities taught at secondary school and college level
    • Show capacity to improvise, design, repair and maintain facilities and equipment used in teaching of physical education and sports using locally available resources
    • Display professional and managerial skills in organizing, officiating and administering sports and physical education in schools and colleges


    Courses at our department include:

    Year 1
    Semester 1

    Foundations & Philosophy of PE & Sport 
    Administration and History of PE & Sport 
    Sports technology I (Athletics, soccer, netball, swimming) 
    Games in primary and Lower Secondary 

    Semester 2

    Introduction to Sport Psychology & Sociology 
    Sport Research, Statistics & Computer Science 
    Sports Technology II - (Athletics II, volleyball, basketball, handball)

    Year 2
    Semester 1

    Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics 
    Sport Injuries, Curriculum Design, 
    Socio-Political Issues in Sport 
    Sports Technology - (Athletics III, Netball II, Swimming II, Soccer II)

    Semester 2

    Exercise Physiology, Sport Biomechanics & Sport Injuries 
    Curriculum Design & Socio-Political & 
    Economic Issues in Sport & PE 
    Sport Technology (Athletics, soccer, netball, swimming)

     Other courses under Sports Science

    Masters in Sports

    Bachelor in Sports 

    Diploma in Physical Education

    Postgraduate Diploma in Sports

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