Diploma in Physical Education and Sports Management 

    Biennial Conference

    This is a two year course that develops an integrated, all-round sports and physical education professional personality capable of teaching, coaching, organizating and administratering sports, physical education and recreation.

    Minimum entry requirements: 2 principal passes at A- level or grade III Teachers 
    Certificate, a clean bill of health and show Interest in sport. Assessment is by Course work, examinations and industrial placement. Candidates admitted on self sponsored basis.

    Aims and Key Benefits

    Develop an integrated, all-round sports and physical education professional personality capable of teaching, coaching, organization and administration of sports, physical education and recreation

    Develop talented eligible candidates with opportunity for in-depth training, excellence, career and professional development in sport, physical education and recreation

    Specific Objectives

    • By the end of the programme learners should be able to:
    • Demonstrate practical skills in sports of their choice
    • Demonstrate core functional management skills in relation to sport and physical education
    • Demonstrate core scientific knowledge, skills, values and attitudes relevant to sport and physical education
    • Demonstrate ability to teach, coach, organize and administer learners in physical education, sport and recreation activities

    Courses taught include:

    Year 1
    Semester 1

    • Communication Skills & Humanities 
    • Sports Biology I 
    • History, Foundations & Philosophy of PE & Sport 
    • Comparative Study of PE & Sport 
    • Introduction to Sport Management 
    • Sociology of Sport & PE 
    • Athletics & Soccer 1B 
    • Netball & Swimming 1B

    Semester 2

    • Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics I 
    • Psychology of Coaching & Skill Acquisition 
    • Olympism and International Sport 
    • Intermediate Sports Management 
    • Sports Administration 
    • Research methodology & Statistics in Sport & PE 
    • Computer Skills I 
    • Athletics 2B & Volleyball 1B 
    • Basketball 1B & Handball 1B

    Year 2
    Semester 1

    • Industrial Organization & Management 
    • Personnel Management in PE & Sport
    • Advanced Psychology of Coaching 
    • Sports Marketing & Sport Public Relations 
    • Facilities Management 
    • Seminar on Problems of Sports Development 
    • Sports Policy & Program Planning 
    • Economics & Financial Management in Sports & Recreation 
    • Athletics III & Soccer 2B 
    • Netball 2B & Swimming 2B

    Semester 2

    • Entrepreneurship Skills Development 
    • Industrial Organization & Management 
    • Computer Skills II 
    • Volleyball 2B & Basketball 
    • Cricket & Hockey 
    • Aerobics & Badminton 
    • Boxing & Handball 2B

    The department currently offers the following courses

    Masters in Sports

    Bachelor of Education (In Service) 

    Bachelor in Sports 

    Postgraduate Diploma in Sports

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