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I am delighted to welcome you to Kyambogo University School of Management and Entrepreneurship Web site. You may be visiting our website as a potential undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. student. You may be here as a recruiter, an alumnus or to learn more about the School. This website is designed to meet your diverse needs and will be updated regularly to stay abreast of a changing reality.

The School of Management and Entrepreneurship aims to transform the lives of students from a wide range of backgrounds by providing an education that enables them to become creative and confident contributors to society. The School has the special role of both studying management as a discipline and in the preparation of professionals to work in organizations. In short our special business is in helping students learn how to transform lives through creativity.

The world has faced particularly difficult economic challenges in the past few years. But for people who are willing to apply creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset to society's problems, these uncertain times also present opportunities. At Kyambogo University School of Management and Entrepreneurship, we prepare students to recognize and seize these opportunities. We help them develop the talents and skills necessary to face and devise solutions for the challenges of our day.

It is important to us that our students achieve their potential whether in having creative ideas about management or as professionals in their work. In so many different ways our students are part of the future of management and will have developed the skills and knowledge to make a real difference to managing in their communities.

At Kyambogo University School of Management and Entrepreneurship, we recognise the importance of fostering partnerships with industry both to produce outstanding graduates and to enhance the quality of business and management practices in different companies. The School's many internships also enable our students to gain work experience while making significant contributions to host companies.

As educators, we want to graduate students with the skills and flexibility to thrive in any economy but, better yet, to be part of creating more stable and enduring business models. We are essentially transforming the OSU College of Business to meet the changing demands of a global economy. 

The School of Management and Entrepreneurship continues at aiming to build a national reputation for values and excellence to transform society. It is an exciting time to be a part of this School.  Join us!

Stephen Kasumba (Ph.D)


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