1. Professional Fellows Program for Advancing Young Women Agribusiness Entrepreneurs and Innovators: A Tanzania-Kenya-Uganda-U.S. Partnership. The goal of the program is to build capacity and skills in agro-entrepreneurship and agri-food system innovation and learn about issues of women’s economic empowerment. (Sponsored by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Professional Fellows Division and administered by Michigan State University (US), Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania), University of Nairobi (Kenya), and Kyambogo University (Uganda).
  2. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations Program. Affordable, Accessible, and Appealing: “Next Generation Nutrition in Uganda – Enhancing Dietary Intake of Iron and Folic Acid in a Culturally Acceptable Food Product for Vulnerable Pregnant Women in Uganda to Improve Maternal and Child Outcomes” (Administered by Department of Food Science and Nutrition and the AAP at MSU as well as the Department of Human Nutrition and Home Economics, the Department of Food Processing Technology and the Gender Unit of KyU).
  3. A multi-disciplinary Exploration into Men’s Breastfeeding Habits in Uganda: Centre for Health Services Studies,(the University of Kent, the Department of Human Nutrition and Home Economics and Directorate of Gender Mainstreaming Programme at Kyambogo University).
  4. Collaborations and Partnerships

    1. Michigan State University (USA)
    2. Troy University (USA)
    3. Kent University (United Kingdom)
    4. Nairobi University (Kenya)
    5. Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania)