The Vice Chancellor


I wish to welcome all the fresh students to Kyambogo University and continuing students back for Semester One, Academic Year 2018/19. I congratulate fresh men and women upon your admission to Kyambogo University and I wish to assure you that you made the right choice. I wish the student community a good time at the University during this semester.

Fresh students

As you may have already realised, there is a lot of “freedom” at University unlike in Secondary Schools where you were closely monitored by teachers on personal hygiene and class attendance. It is expected of you as adults to manage your lives well and remain focused on your academics.  In spite of all the freedoms, ensure that you refrain from destructive habits such as betting, abuse of drugs and reckless sex habits which will negatively affect your progress at the University. You must learn to manage your time, extreme freedom and also be careful whom you take on as your friends avoiding those that will not add value to your life at the University.


You were admitted to this University for academic purposes and I wish to inform you that Kyambogo University is committed to ensure that you get quality education. I am concerned about increasing absenteeism from classes.  However, take note that it is a University requirement for students to attend at least seventy-five percent of all lectures and must do course works and tests to qualify to sit for the final examinations. I therefore encourage you to attend lectures as indicated on your timetables and report any irregularities to your Head of Department.

Results of Semester I, 2017/18 were released at your respective Faculties/ Schools and Departments have begun releasing Provisional Results for Semester II, 2017/18.

Admissions Ceremony

All fresh students are invited to attend the Admissions Ceremony which is scheduled to take place on Friday 12thOctober 2018. This is an important ceremony where all fresh students get formally admitted into Kyambogo University. The ceremony will be crowned with the Fresher’s Ball where you will have lots of entertainment and time to socialise. You will also have the opportunity to meet the top leadership of the University.

Enrolment and Registration

All students are required to enrol on the e-Kampus every semester as a way of informing the University that you have reported. This is a free service accessible through the student portal which activates other functions on the system to enable you register.

Central registration begun at the Office of the Academic Registrar for all fully paid up fresh students. You are required to present original copy of your admission letter, academic documents, birth certificate, former school ID, proof of payment of University fees (tuition and functional fees) and NCHE contribution in order to register. All continuing students who have paid up should register through their portal on the e-Kampus system.

I call upon all students to pay the required University fees and register early to avoid paying late registration fees.

Provision of meals

The University Council approved a Policy on Outsourcing Catering Services beginning August 2018 and directed Management to implement the Policy. This Policy has been operationalised and therefore the University no longer provides meals to students. All kitchen services were outsourced and are now managed by service providers who provide meals to the general public at a cost.

The University deposited allowances on bank accounts of all continuing registered government sponsored students to cater for their meals during the first semester. Please use that money sparingly and specifically for meals. I wish to urge all first year government sponsored students to pay the necessary money and register to enable the University to process your allowances.  Ensure that you submit your bank account details to the University Bursar by 28th September 2018 to enable the University process and bank your allowances.


Your personal security is a concern to the University and measures have been taken to ensure that the University is secure. Our internal security officers were recently complemented with personnel from the Uganda Police and they are on alert to ensure that there is maximum security at the University.

The entrance to the University from Banda through the gate at the Department of Art and Industrial Designed was closed. This was done in the interest of security to regulate and monitor the entrance and exit of students, staff and other materials. Security has also prohibited entrance of boda bodas within the University. This is meant to avoid accidents that result from reckless riders. In case you notice any security threat, please alert the Police, administration and student leaders. Adhere to the security guidelines at your respective residences and do not hesitate to alert the authorities in case of any emergency.

Lastly, I am aware of the political tide in the country and your constitutional right of the freedom of expression. In as much as you exercise your rights, I encourage you not to engage in unlawful assemblies and violent activities which often result into imprisonment or loss of lives. You must also respect the rights of fellow students. I urge the student body to maintain peace at the University and whenever there are issues that affect your wellbeing at the campus, Management is more than willing to engage you in a discussion aimed at finding a lasting solution.

I encourage you to concentrate on your academics and excel to secure a brighter future for yourselves and your families.

May God bless you and watch over you.

Prof. Eli Katunguka-Rwakishaya, Ph.D