Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ Webpage!

Located in the East end of the university, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is one of the ‘pioneer’ faculties of Kyambogo University, and by far, especially in terms of student numbers, the largest academic division of the university. Driven by the passion to produce adaptable graduates who can thrive in a highly-competitive and rapidly-changing global world, the faculty offers a wide array of both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the Arts, Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences that are tailor-made to equip students with the relevant knowledge, skills and values that are not only prerequisites for a stable Twenty-First Century employment, but also key engines for social transformation.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is a vibrant and diverse community of scholars that pride in nurturing students into creative, critical and independent thinkers of the modern world. Through our interactive, rigorous, high-level and research-based training, facilitated by qualified, competent, experienced and enthusiastic academics, our students are usually coveted as integral contributors to the competitive global world. And because we treasure excellence, we have put in place a comprehensive study support programme of small group tutorials for all students. We are currently working towards creating a robust Research culture by offering support-supervision to all our students undertaking research projects. Our academic staff continues to actively compete for Research Grants in a bid to bolster research and publications in Africa.

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Elizabeth Kyazike (PhD)

(Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Science)