Dr. Peter Ekadu-Ereu

PhD, M.ED, B. Ed, Dip Educ.

Music Education, Music Composition, Harmony, Analysis, Music Theory and History, Research

Ms. Solome Katasi

M. ED, B. Ed, Dip Educ.

Applied Music, Psychology and Sociology of Music, Music Education

Mrs.. Edith Mbedha Buyinza

M. ED, B. Ed, Dip Educ.

Music Education, History of Music

Mrs. Senyonjo Juliet Ntambi

M.Ed., B.Ed., Dip Educ.

Basics of Aural Skills, Aural and Choral Conducting, Aural and Ear Training, Music Listening Skills, performing Skills: Aural, Basics of Listening Skills and African

Mr. Hannington Ssennoga

Majwala ..

BED, Dip. Educ. (MAK) (Specialist in Traditional Instrumentation and Making)

Repertory and Transcription of African Music, Recorder and other Instruments, African – Applied Skills

Dr. Kigozi Benon

D. Mus. Educ.(SA),MA,B.A Mus (MAK)

Poplar Entertainment, Advanced African & Western Applied Music, Advanced Jazz and Popular Music, Music Performance and Industry in Uganda

Dr. Bamuturaki Keneth

PhD (Exeter UK), MA (MAK), BA, (MAK)

Drama II, Drama, Acting & Play Writing, Film Production, Research Methodology in Music, Drama Tutorials

Dr. Ssempijja Nicholas

PhD Ethno, (Bergen) MA, BA (MAK)

Gospel Music Development, Issues in Ugandan Music

Dr. Isabirye James

M. Ed, PPM (KYU), B.Ed., 1st class, Dip Educ. (ITEK), Dip. MDD, (MAK)

Drama In Educational Institutions, Uganda, Ugandan Dance Performance, Vocal and Instrumental Skills, Music Appreciation & Analysis I, African Applied Skills.

Mr. Tendo Mukuye Christopher

MA. (Candidate), BA. Ed (KyU), ABRSM- Piano G.8,Orgam G.8, Theory G.7

(Recommended for teaching Piano and Brass)

European Keyboard, Applied Skills: Piano, Piano Skills, Theory of Western Music, Advanced Applied Instrumental and Singing Skills

Ms. Wadiru Stella

MA, Music B Mus. (MAK) PGDE (KyU), DME (UMI)

Harmony, Counterpoint & Composition III, Ethnomusicology III, Performing Arts, Research

Mr. Kitaka George

M.A. Dance (Norway) PGDE (KYU), B. Mus. Dip. Dance & Drama

Composition, Harmony and Analysis., Dance Practices in Community, Advanced Techniques in Uganda, Traditional Dance Skills

Mr. Busobozi Nicholas

MA. (candidate) BTE, Dip Educ. G III (KyU) .

(The only one who can teach Music recording and Studio Production

Computer Operation and Music Production, Performing Skills: Piano, Keyboard /Skills and Voice, Introduction to Computer, Piano and Voice, Recitals

Mr. Ijiribi David

MA. (candidate) BTE, Dip. Educ.


Theory of African and Western Music, Instrumentation and Dance, African Music Theory, History and Literature of Music II