bic exibition june

The Incubation Center has achieved the following milestones:

  1. Construction of the Incubation Centre building with a steel roof structure and external works involving driveway, parking, and green areas which were completed and handed over to Kyambogo University on 10th May 2018.
  1. Procurement with subsequent installation of bakery equipment is underway in the Ministry of Education and Sports.
  2. Constitution of a BIC Technical Working Committee (TeWoCo) and it is already in operation. More than 10 TeWoCo meetings have been conducted to handle the operational activities of the Center.
  3. Induction of TeWoCo members and systems documentation development was conducted with the facilitation from Private Sector Foundation Uganda.
  4. Tour of Bake-for-Life College owned by the Little Sisters in Tororo was exercised from 7-8th December 2017 for some members of TeWoCo and University Top Management to learn how Business Incubation programmes are conducted in an academic setting.
  5. A fully furnished Coordination office has been established and is now open to business.
  6. The BIC Manager, Office Administrator and Financial Administrator have been recruited and perform their duties as stipulated in letters of appointment.
  7. Ten (10) Incubatee Enterprises/ startups have been recruited. Incubation programmes, prototypes and recipe development is on-going to actualize the ideas into products.
  8. One Research project titled ‘Optimisation of Bread Quality from Wheat, Banana and Cassava Composite Flour’ by Henrietta Nakisozi, a Graduate Fellow in the Department of Food Technology has been funded. The research has been concluded and data used for the award of Master of Food Technology of Kyambogo University. Results are due for publication in an appropriate Journal.
  9. Branding, promotion and increasing the visibility of the Incubation Center within and outside the University is on-going.

Our Commitment

We pledge to provide the best atmosphere to support research and innovations that will lead to the development of patents and business startups. Our dedicated multidisciplinary team is open to constructive criticism for continual improvement in order to enhance staff and student experiences at Kyambogo University.

Core factors to our success

  • Existing high demand for bakery and confectionery products in Uganda
  • High interest by staff and students at KyU
  • Strong support from the university administration

I, therefore, call upon the Kyambogo University community, stakeholders and the public to embrace the Project.