university medical center

Kyambogo University Medical Centre was established in 2003 following the merger the three former Institutions of Higher Education i.e. the Uganda Polytechnics Kyambogo (UPK), Uganda National Institute of Special Education (UNISE) and the Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (ITEK).


The mandate of the medical centre is to provide health services to the Kyambogo University community that is students, staff, staff families and other individuals from the neighbourhood community. 

Out–Patient Services

The reception is run by competent and friendly staff that is conversant with services offered at the unit. The outpatient clinic operates 24 hours with competent general practitioners who may recommend attending specialist clinics when necessary.

Nursing care

Kyambogo University Medical Centre has competent nurses who undergo regular and continuous professional development. They regularly receive customer care, continuous quality improvement and Emergency scene management training among others.

In-patient services

Kyambogo University Medical Centre offers admission services to its client if so recommended by the attending doctor. Patients are taken through the procedure and given information on services offered during their stay and guided on the discharge instructions

Ambulance services

Kyambogo University Medical Centre, provides 24-hour ambulance services, run by a well-trained team of emergence medical technicians responding to different incidents and emergencies within the community.

Laboratory & specialized investigations

Kyambogo University Medical Centre operates a well-equipped laboratory to enable completion of most investigations. The laboratory is run by qualified staff that ensures timely delivery of results. It operates 24 hours and also carries out investigations for other medical facilities in the vicinity.

Frequently asked questions

The University Medical centre is located opposite the main gate east campus. It is in the same complex with the Home Economics Department and shares a fence with Nabisunsa Girls Schools 

  • Treatment of the sick both inpatients and outpatients
  • Laboratory services
  • Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV (VCT)
  • Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) (Provision of HIV drugs
  • Dental Services
  • Private wing services to the public
  • Over counter prescription (private wing) 
  • All registered students; both Government and private sponsored students are entitled to the services
  • All legitimate employees of Kyambogo University
  • The public and as individuals, families or companies at a cost 

Students must abide by all verbal and written advice relating to health and safety matters.

  • All Students undergo a medical Examination before admission into the University
  • A Medical records file for each student is opened on completion of the exercise. Those found with diseases such as Tuberculosis shall be isolated and given treatment for as long as they are considered infectious.
  • It will be the responsibility of the student to adhere to the eligibility procedure in order to protect his/her rights and privilege of accessing the services
  • Students are encouraged to bring to the attention of University any matters of health, safety and welfare that may arise during their stay at the University.
  • For those that require special attention on a diet, the students shall seek special permission from the Director, Medical Services.

NB. (i) The University shall provide health cover to registered students only and not their dependents.

Monday – Sunday from 8.00am – 5.00pm (Business hours), from 5.00 – 9.00pm (Evening Duty)

After 9.00pm, contact the staff on duty who reside in the duty house next to the Medical Centre.

Physical Address
Kyambogo University
Main Campus

Block 30 & 31 along Fisher Avenue

Working Hours


 Tel No.

In case of emergency or critically ill cases, the University Ambulance stationed at the medical centre shall transport such case to the medical centre.

NB: Staff on duty is to be contacted to arrange for the services.

Eligible students are entitled to a refund of medical expenses incurred outside the University Medical Centre under the following conditions:

  • The case must have been referred by the University Doctor
  • The claimant should address the claim to the University Bursar through the Dean of Students and Director of Medical Services
  • Attach original receipt and copies of; medical records (notes or prescription), University referral forms and a valid student registration or student identification card
  • Students shall only get refund of medical expenses incurred during industrial training but not during holidays/semester breaks
  • The claimant on verification of the above shall be refunded an amount as determined by the council.


The eligible students may on the decision of the University doctor be referred to receive treatment outside the University under the following conditions:

  1. Cases where there is need for specialized treatment and procedures
  2. Prescriptions written for drugs not regularly stocked at the Medical Centre
  3. Cases that require hospitalization; students should have been referred by the University doctors to Council designated hospitals. Council may from time to time designate hospitals where students can receive medical care in accordance with prevailing council policy


  1. Any other cases as deemed necessary by the University Director, Medical Services.


N.B: The University operates a prepaid account for students at Nsambya Hospital to handle referrals

After 9.00pm, students should first contact the security guard on duty

He/she will then assist the patient to inform the medical staff on duty who stay in the house next to the medical centre.

Students are advised to report either with a health secretary or health minister who contacts the security guard on duty.