“To be a Center of Academic and Professional Excellence.”

“To advance and promote knowledge and development of skills in science, technology and education and such other fields having regard to quality, equity, progress and transformation of society.”
“Knowledge and Skills for Service”
Core Values

  • Quality: Ensuring high quality of output and service delivery.
  • Equity: Ensuring equal opportunity for all in all its programmes.
  • Integrity: Promotion of a high sense of moral and ethical standards in all its dealings with stakeholders and the public.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism is to be observed in all dealings and execution of the University’s mandate.

The objectives’ broad areas are:

  • Creation and promotion of knowledge
  • Capacity building
  • Education and skills development

Objectives in details include:

  • Equitably expand the access to higher education.
  • Produce highly and practically skilled manpower for service to society.
  • Reduce duplication of areas of study in the institution with close proximity and enhance efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Strengthen and expand vocational studies.
  • Spearhead applied research.
  • Initiate and promote innovations in education and technology.
  • Equip technicians, engineers, and teachers of technical subjects with required skills for manning the construction service, manufacturing industries and educational institutions, including universities, schools and research organisations.
  • To promote better understanding of the basic principles and methodology along with practical knowledge of construction, application, properties, operations and limitations of engineering systems, materials processes and equipment.
  • To provide scientific and mathematical foundation to enable the recipients handle competently the technological aspects of the training.
  • To equip graduates with the analytical tools required to solve problems utilizing their scientific knowledge and appropriate technology either under the supervision of an engineer or independently.
  • To initiate, encourage and promote specific and specialized research in scientific, technical and technological fields in accordance with the needs of Uganda.
  • To promote acquisition, adaptation and application of information technology and to solve the social, economic and educational problems of Uganda.
  • To aim at ensuring an increased number of learners with special educational needs and ensure that learners receive equitable and quality education through providing professional manpower to secure effective support to training needs.
  • To provide training for teachers and other personnel working in the field of special needs education and rehabilitation and to cater for all kinds of persons with disabilities and special learning needs.
  • To provide a resource center for the production and dissemination of information relating to persons with disabilities and special learning needs.
  • To undertake research in disabilities and other related fields for better understanding and development of persons with disabilities and special learning needs.
  • To initiate outreach programmes to promote greater awareness among teachers, parents, leaders and the general public about persons with disabilities and special learning needs, and to promote partnership and collaboration among agencies involved in dealing with persons with disabilities.
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Research, Innovation and Knowledge Generation
  • Physical Infrastructure, Facilities and ICT Development
  • Institutional Development
  • Strategic Marketing