The Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor is responsible for the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the University; and in the absence of the Chancellor, presides at ceremonial assemblies of the University and confer degrees and other academic titles and distinctions of the University.

The Vice Chancellor is appointed by the Chancellor on the recommendation of the University Council from among three candidates recommended by the Senate. The Vice-Chancellor is appointed on terms and conditions determined by the University Council for five years and is eligible for re-appointment for one more term.

Prof. Eli Katunguka Rwakishaya

B.V.M. (Makerere), M.V.M. (UCD, Dublin), Ph.D (Glasgow), Certificate in Leadership (SRA, USA), certificate in Grantsmanship (SRA, USA)

Kyambogo University is the 2nd largest Public University in Uganda.  The core function of the University is Teaching, Training and research as prescribed in its Vision “A center of Academic and Professional Excellence”

The contribution of the various planning centers such as Vice chancellors’ Office, Academic Registrar, Directorate of Human Resources, Finance Department, Dean of Student’s Office, DICTs, and all Faculties and Schools is critically worth mentioning since their participation has promoted the University policy of bottom – up approach towards development.

Special thanks goes to the Central Government for its continued support to the University.  Last but not the least, we thank the Directorate of Planning and Development Staff, and to all stakeholders who contributed tremendously in the data collection, spearheading and coordinating the process that led to the compilation and production of this Fact Book and all those whose efforts and support contributed to the formulation of the Fact Book 2018/19.

I call upon all the stakeholders of the University to utilize efficiently and effectively the information herein and use it to make informed decisions for the progress and development of Kyambogo University.

For God and My Country

Prof. Eli Katunguka – Rwakishaya


Here are the Vice Chancellor’s honours and awards, conducted consultancies and membership in professional bodies.

Mandate & Responsibilities

The Primary responsibility of the Vice Chancellor is the continuation and enhancement of Kyambogo University as a Public institution of higher learning dedicated to excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

Research Interests & Publications

His published book chapters, publications in Refereed Journals, papers delivered at national & international scientific conferences & published as conference proceedings.

The Vice Chancellor's News & Official Communications

Disease-Nutrition Interactions, African Animal Trypanosomosis, Tick-Borne diseases especially East Coast Fever and Babesiosis

Holmes, E. Katunguka-Rwakishaya, J. J. Benison, G. J. Wassink and J. J. Parkins. Impact of nutrition on the pathophysiology of bovine trypanosomiasis  P. In   Parasitology…

Katunguka‑Rwakishaya, E., Larkin, H. and Kelly, W.R. (1985).Some Haematological and Blood Biochemical Components in Conventionally‑reared Calves…

Papers Delivered at National & International Scientific Conferences & Published as Conference Proceedings

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