The Chancellor

The Chancellor is the Titular Head of the University and presides over all the Ceremonial Assemblies of the University. The core function of the Chancellor is to confer degrees and award Diplomas and Certificates to students graduating in their varying programmes.

Prof. John Yakobo Okedi’s Profile


Prof. John Yakobo Okedi was appointed Chancellor, of Kyambogo University for the period of four years effective 27th April 2022 and was officially installed as the 3rd Chancellor of Kyambogo University on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.

Prof. John Yakobo Okedi is a Professor of Hydrobiology, a Research Scientist and an Environmental Expert. He conducted freshwater research in all East African and Zambian lakes and rivers from 1964 to 1979. During this research period, Prof Okedi attained international recognition as the world’s authority on the Mormyrid Family of fishes.

Prof John Yakobo Okedi became a Director, of the East African Freshwater Fisheries Research Organization from 1971-1978. He also headed the Department of Zoology at Makerere University for ten years from 1980-1990. During his tenure at the department, he carried out research and teaching, attaining world-class recognition as the authority on the Lake Fly group of insects. 

Prof Okedi’s research and publications cracked the mystery of Lake Flies literally bursting out of Lake Victoria and forming huge fiery, mysterious brown clouds over the lake. Professor Okedi was a visiting Professor at Cambridge University, UK, University of Main, University of Tallahassee and University of Gaines­ville, USA in 1988/89. He was the Executive Director National Environment Management Authority from 1996-2001.

Prof. John Yakobo Okedi undertook a number of National, Regional and International Consultancies as a Principal Consultant with different organizations. He has been a Consultant Environment Specialist with World Bank, Nile Basin Initiative, USAID, East African Community, and NewPlan limited amongst many organizations since 1984 to date.

Prof. John Yakobo Okedi is a member of many National and International organizations including; the Advisory Committee of the United Nations, the University Center for International Network on Water, Health and Environment, the Fisheries Society of Africa, the International Wetlands Society, the International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA), International Society for the Protection of “Old” Fishes, Scientific Committee of Uganda National Parks, Board of Directors of Uganda National Parks, National Research Council, Editorial Board, African Journal of Ecology, Editorial Board, African Journal of Tropical Hydrobiology and Fisheries, Fisheries Society of Uganda, Health service Commission amongst others. 

He was an advisor to the United Nations University’s International Network on Water, Environment and Health at the Canadian MacMaster Campus from 1992-2002.

Prof. John Yakobo Okedi joined Kyambogo University in 2005 as the Chairperson of the Appointments Board until 2010. He was later appointed Chairperson of, Kyambogo University Council and served for two terms (2010-2020). During his stay at Kyambogo University, Prof. John Okedi has shown his niche as a dedicated leader and educationist. 

He has always provided intellectual leadership and played a critical role in creating a peaceful and harmonious environment that has led to a reformed Kyambogo University. His leadership skills encouraged dialogue and teamwork between University Council, the Top Management and the Associations. Prof Okedi’s contributions in overseeing the operations of the University and guiding management as they performed their duties, drastically reformed Kyambogo University into the top-notch

University it is now.