Department of Library and Information Science | School of Computing, and Information Science

Our Profile

The Library and Information Science (LIS) Department was established on 1st January 2022. The LIS Department is a thriving community of students, educators and researchers dedicated to the study and advancement of the Library and Information Science field.

The Library and Information Science field is characterised by its distinctive, multidisciplinary focus on the interactions between people, information, and digital technologies. It has the goal of enhancing information creation, access, management, sharing and use of information, to benefit society.

Quality information empowers societies to improve their lives. The ability to create, manage and use information products, services and systems effectively is indispensable in the  dynamic and multifaceted world.

“A vibrant intellectual community centred Department leading future-oriented Library and Information Science education, innovation and service.”

“To promote the development of knowledge and skills in Library and Information science by connecting people, and information institutions through teaching, learning, research, and community engagement.

“Knowledge and Skills for Service”


We build vital connections in our teaching, learning, research, and community engagement.

Diversity and inclusiveness

We embrace diverse communities and viewpoints to inform teaching, learning and research and challenge all forms of inequality and bias.


We encourage originality and innovativeness in the Department

Authentic practice

We engage in interdisciplinary perspectives that are relevant to Library and Information Science.


We believe information is power and promotes access to information for all.

Our clientele

The Library and Information Science Department welcomes students from all backgrounds, who have an interest in joining, or progressing in the Information Science field.


The LIS team is a unique combination of leading academics and educationalists who have deep expertise in library and information science.

The programmes on offer 

The programmes on offer are a Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS), Diploma in Library and Information Science.

Teaching, Research and community engagement

The LIS department aspires to make a significant intellectual contribution to advancing knowledge in the LIS field, demonstrate its relevance to new audiences and impact the practical management and use of information in the community.