1. There shall be a Vice-Chancellor for each Public University who shall;- a.) be responsible for the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the University; and b.) in the absence of the Chancellor, preside at ceremonial assemblies of the University and confer degrees and other academic titles and distinctions of the University.
  2. The Vice Chancellor shall be appointed by the Chancellor on the recommendation of the University Council from among three candidates recommended by the Senate.
  3. A search committee composed of two members from the University Council and three members from the University Senate shall identify suitable candidates for the post of Vice Chancellor and forward them to the Senate to nominate three candidates for recommendation to the University Council.
  4. The Vice-Chancellor shall be appointed on terms and conditions determined by the University Council for five years and shall be eligible for re- appointment for one more term.

 Specific Mandate of the Vice Chancellor

The Primary responsibility of the Vice Chancellor is continuation and enhancement of Kyambogo University as a Public institution of higher learning dedicated to excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

The Vice Chancellor works hand in hand with the University Council to set policies governing the operations of the University and is accountable to Council for the overall financial, administrative and academic management and direction of the University.

The Vice Chancellor works with Senior Administration, Faculty and Staff to ensure:

  1. Timely reporting to Council
  2. Financial accountability.
  3. The ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce
  4. Efficient use of financial resources
  5. Balanced budgeting
  6. Effective long term planning
  7. Appropriate management of human resources
  8. The ability to attract and retain a diverse student population.

He works with the Faculties and Senate to;

  1. Establish and maintain focused and coherent academic Programmes.
  2. Ensure high quality research.

Works with Students to;
Establish and maintain a regular and consultative relationship with students and their elected representatives on matters of academic programmes, students’ welfare, infrastructure and governance.

Works with Government to ensure moral and financial support for the University