Here are our Undergraduate Programmes from all faculties and Schools. The list contain Diploma and Degree course and categorized in there respective schools and faculties.
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1Bachelor of Business Studies with EducationBSDBSE3 Years
2Bachelor of Business AdministrationBBKBKE3 Years
3Bachelor of Science in Accounting and FinanceAFDAFE3 Years
4Bachelor of Administrative ScienceASDASE3 Years
5Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics ManagementPLDPLE3 Years
6Bachelor of Management ScienceMSDMSE3 Years
7Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance (Tenable at Kabale UCC)AFW3 Years
8Diploma in Business AdministrationDBA2 Years
9Diploma in Procurement and Logistics ManagementDPL2 Years
10Diploma in Accounting and FinanceDAF2 Years
11Diploma in Office ManagementDOM2 Years
1Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Agriculture with EducationAGDAGE3 Years
2Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Home Economics with EducationVHD3 Years
3Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Art and Design with EducationVAD3 Years
4Bachelor of Art and Industrial DesignAID3 Years
5Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition & DieteticsHND3 Years
6Bachelor of Hotel and Institutional CateringHIDHIE3 Years
7Bachelor of Computer Graphic DesignCGD3 Years
8Bachelor of Interior and Landscape DesignBIL3 Years
9Bachelor of Textiles and Apparel DesignTAD3 Years
10Diploma in Interior DesignDID2 Years
11Diploma in Hotel and Institutional CateringDHC2 Years
12Diploma in Fashion and Apparel DesignFAD2 Years
13Diploma in CeramicsCER2 Years
14Diploma in Textiles Design and Surface DesignTEX2 Years
15Diploma in Education Secondary (Art & Design)FIN2 Years
16Diploma in Home Economics Vocational Education SecondaryHEC2 Year
1Bachelor of Adult and Community EducationACDACE3 Years
2Bachelor of Community Development and Social JusticeCSDCSE3 Years
3Bachelor of Community Based RehabilitationCBDCBE3 Years
4Diploma in Community Based RehabilitationCBR2 Years
5Diploma in Sign Language InterpretingSLI2 Years
6Diploma in Mobility and RehabilitationMBR2 Years
7Diploma in Special Needs EducationSNE2 Years
8Certificate in Adult & Community EducationCAC1 Year
9Certificate in Deaf Blindness1 Year
1Bachelor of Science in Oil and Gas ProductionGPDGPE3 Years
2Bachelor of Science in StatisticsBEKBEE3 Years
3Bachelor of Science Technology – PhysicsPTDPTE3 Years
4Bachelor of Science Technology – ChemistryCTDCTE3 Years
5Bachelor of Science Technology – BiologyBTDBTE3 Years
6Bachelor of Information Technology and ComputingITDITE3 Years
7Bachelor of Information SystemsISDISE3 Years
8Bachelor of Material and Ceramic Science TechnologyMCDMCE3 Years
9Bachelor of Science in Leather Tanning TechnologyLTD3 Years
10Bachelor of Science with Education (ESP) Physicals ScienceESP3 Years
11Bachelor of Science with Education(ESB) Biological ScienceESB3 Years
12Bachelor of Science with Education(ESE) EconomicsESE3 Years
13Bachelor of Science in Food Processing TechnologyFPDFPE4 Years
14Bachelor of Textile and Clothing TechnologyTCD4 Years
15Bachelor of Science in Sports and Leisure ManagementLMD3 Years
16Bachelor of Environmental Science Technology & ManagementBMDBME3 Years
17Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Process EngineeringCHDCHE4 Years
18Bachelor of Science in Sport ExerciseSEDSEE3 Years
19Diploma in Science Technology – PhysicsSTP2 Years
20Diploma in Science Technology – ChemistrySTC2 Years
21Diploma in Science Technology – BiologySTB2 Years
22Diploma in Computer ScienceDCS2 Years
23Diploma in Textile Design and TechnologyTDT2 Years
24Diploma in Physical Education and Sports ManagementPSM2 Years
25Diploma in Food Processing TechnologyDFP2 Years
26Diploma in Sports Management and AdministrationSME3 Years
27Certificate in Science Laboratory TechnologyCST2 Years
28Certificate in Food Processing TechnologyCFP1 Year
1Bachelor of ArchitectureARD5 Years
2Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Technological Studies with Education.VTD3 Years
3Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Building EngineeringECDECE4 Years
4Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Manufacturing EngineeringEMDEME4 Years
5Bachelor of Science in Building EconomicsEBEEBE4 Years
6Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering and ManagementEEDEEE4 Years
7Bachelor of Engineering in Automotive and Power EngineeringAPDAPE4 Years
8Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering & ManagementIEDIEE4 Years
9Bachelor of Surveying and Land Information SystemsSLDSLE4 Years
10Bachelor of Science in Land EconomicsBLDBLE4 Years
11Bachelor of Electrical Engineering BELBET4 Years
12Bachelor of Mechatronics and Biomedical EngineeringBIOBIE4 Years
13Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication EngineeringETDETE4 Years
14Higher Diploma in Electrical and Electronic EngineeringHDE2 Years
15Higher Diploma in Mechanical EngineeringHDM2 Years
16Higher Diploma in Civil and Building EngineeringHDC2 Years
17Diploma in Electrical EngineeringODE2 Years
18Diploma in Civil and Building EngineeringODC2 Years
19Diploma in Civil and Building Engineering (Tenable at AICM-Kabale)DCK2 Years
20Diploma in Mechanical and Production EngineeringODM2 Years
21Diploma in Computer EngineeringDCE2 Years
22Diploma in Water EngineeringDWE2 Years
23Diploma in ArchitectureDAR2 Years
24Diploma in Automobile EngineeringDAE2 Years
25Diploma in Refrigeration and Air ConditioningDRA2 Years
26Diploma in Telecommunication EngineeringODT2 Years
27Diploma in Biomedical EngineeringDBE2 Years
28Certificate in Printing Technology1 Year
1Bachelor of Guidance and CounselingBGDBGE3 Years
2Bachelor of Teacher EducationTEPTPE2 Years
3Bachelor of Education (Full Time)BED2 Years
4Bachelor of Education (ODeL)BED(ODeL)3 Years
5Diploma in Educational Planning and ManagementEPM2 Years
6Diploma in Guidance and CounselingDGC2 Years
7DITTE2 Years
6Diploma in Education Primary (External)DEPE3 Years
9Diploma in Special Needs Education (External)DSNEE3 Years
10Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Development)DEC2 Years
11Certificate in Early (Childhood Development)CEC1 Year
1Bachelor of Arts in ArtsAAD3 Years
2Bachelor of Arts in Economics and StatisticsBEKBEE3 Years
3Bachelor of Arts in Social SciencesSSDSSE3 Years
4Bachelor of Demography & Reproductive HealthBRDBRE3 Years
5Bachelor of Arts in EconomicsEKDEKE3 Years
6Bachelor of Arts with EducationAEDAEE3 Years
7Bachelor of MicrofinanceMFDMFE3 Years
8Bachelor of Social Work and Social AdministrationSWDSWE3 Years
9Bachelor of Library and Information ScienceLIDLIE3 Years
10Bachelor of Music and Performing ArtsBPDBPE3 Years
11Bachelor of Development StudiesBDDBDE3 Years
12Diploma in Library and Information ScienceLIS2 Years
13Diploma in MicrofinanceDMF2 Years
14Diploma in Music and Theatre ArtsMTE2 Years
15Diploma in Education (French)FRE2 Years