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About Kyambogo University Incubation Center

African Development Bank availed funds to the Government of Uganda to support the improvement of the quality of higher education in science and technology (HEST). Consequently, funds were allocated to support the establishment of an Incubation Center at Kyambogo University. The Incubation Center is comprised of three major units: (1) Research Laboratory, (2) Main or Commercial Bakery, and (3) Mini Bakery to support research. Innovative products from the Mini Bakery with commercial prospects will be commercialised by the Main Bakery.

The Center aims to boost research and innovation in Baking and Confectionery, and currently operates as cross-cutting Unit under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. Our main clients include staff and students in the Departments of Food Technology, Human Nutrition and Home Economics, Agriculture, Mechanical and Production Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering and the School of Management and Entrepreneurship.

We hope that, through our operations, applied research and innovations, business startups, skills and entrepreneurship development will be enhanced to address issues of unemployment among the University graduates, thereby increasing the relevance of Kyambogo University in Uganda and beyond. Plus, this will be a one-stop Center for solutions to technical problems affecting the Baking industry in Uganda.

Our Vision

To be a centre of excellence in research & innovations, entrepreneurship development and income generation.

Our Mission

To empower Kyambogo University to encourage research, innovations, practical work, support business startups and income generation.


  1. To provide unique high-quality bakery and confectionery products to the university and surrounding communities.
  2. To stimulate business start-ups.
  3. To provide apprenticeship opportunities for the student community at KyU.
  4. To provide a platform for translating University research into practical business solutions.
  5. To provide a source of revenue for Kyambogo University.

Our core functions

  1. Provide guidance to the incubatee Enterprises with respect to production and operation of equipment.
  2. Technical support to the incubatees’ Enterprises.
  3. Provide the incubatees with access to production space and equipment specified in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.
  4. Responsible for utilities; power and water for the BIC.
  5. Help with the registration of Intellectual Properties to protect the incubatees’ ideas.
  6. Assist with branding and quality assurance of the incubated technologies.
  7. Solicit potential investors from the private sector to scale up production of incubated technologies.
  8. Support research and innovations among staff and students of the University.
  9. Organise training programmes for students, incubatees, SMEs and interested persons
  10. Responsible for maintenance and repair of the BIC equipment.