why you should Join us!

Kyambogo University is one of the largest public Universities in Uganda with well established academic programmes and facilities, and over 100 affiliate institutions allover Uganda. Our programmes ranges from Vocational studies, Sciences, Social studies, Education, Business and Engineering.

What we stand for!


The University is under the governance of experienced staff who offer the teaching and non teaching services under the leadership of Prof. Eli Katunguka Rwakishaiya.


The University through partnerships and external funds has been able to put up vibrant facilities to enable smoothing learning and also to attract various opportunities both nationally and internationally.

Diverse pool of Courses

We provide a wide range of courses from various disciplines among which include; business studies, sciences and engineering, education and vocational studies, social sciences and special needs.


The management of the university has sought and accepted collaborations for both local and international universities. These have enabled us start students and exchange programmes that have seen both our students and staff gain diversity in the cultural knowledge of the countries they visit, explore other countries, teach and learn from the visiting students and staff.

Practical Skills

Kyambogo University graduates especially Engineers are still preferred to date in the employment sector especially that of Uganda. This is highly attributed to practical skills that we offer to our students partly packaged in the internship programme, course work projects and some classroom hands on sessions.

Research and Innovative staff

Our students and staff have been undertaking research projects and starting up innovative projects that have lifted the image of the University.

special needs education

Spearheading Special needs Education

For so long Kyambogo University has had the only Faculty of Special Needs Studies in the whole of East Africa which has continued to illuminate the uniqueness of the University in the region and the continent.


Our fees structures are still the lowest in the region compared tothe quality of education that we provide and the skills that we impact in our graduates.

Working hours

Monday- Friday: 8:00am-17:00pm Hrs (Administration & Services) Monday- Friday: 8:00am-21:00pm Hrs (Academic/ Teaching)
(Phone until 17:00 Hrs)
Saturday - 8:00-14:00

We are here

Kyambogo Banda, Nakawa Divsion - Kampala
Email: prokyu@kyu.ac.ug