Office of the Vice Chancellor

I  thank you and do recognize your individual contributions towards the development and growth of the university.  I am aware that the staff are now involved in examinations of PTCs, ITCSP and academic staff are marking the end of semester examinations. Thank you very much.

From time to time, I feel we need to keep in touch and share some issues that may affect the smooth operations of the university. Allow me to make this brief communication.

1. Handover of 4th Council to 5th Council

Management organized a function held on 6th May 2022, at Hotel Africana for the 4th Kyambogo University Council to hand over to the 5th Council. The function was presided over by Hon. Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu, Minister of State for Primary Education representing Hon. Maama Janet K. Museveni, the Minister of  Education and  Sports.  It was a  colourful function attended by  the Deans/Directors of faculties/ schools,  representatives of staff associations, Religious leaders, Student leadership and Top Management. Thank you Mr. Arthur Katogole, University Secretary’s office for leading the organization team who did a fantastic job.

2. Beautification of the University

Last week, the Vice Chair of Council, Hon. Senior Counsel Sarah Lubega, led members to plant trees along the boundary of the university farm. This was to contribute to the conservation or the environment and to secure the boundaries or the university land. You will also note that despite resistance from the residents of Kasigiri area,  strong pillars have been erected to demarcate Kyambogo University land. This is in line with the directive from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development to the university to secure its land and protect it from potential encroachers.

I am leading a team drawn from Estates, Department of Art and Design and Stanbic bank,  Kyambogo  University branch,  to beautify the university by landscaping and planting beautiful trees and flowers starting with CTF and CLB. In order for this to succeed I want to request that all university staff residing in university houses and keeping goats, sheep, cows, hens and turkeys MUST REMOVE THEM. It is not allowed to keep these animals in university houses especially when they are not restrained. It is common to find goats mixing with students, lecturers and professors on campus each going on with their business. These animals will be impounded and we shall get permission from KCCA to get them disposed of.

3. Meeting with KYUASA Leadership

I met with KYUASA leadership upon their request following my statements in my previous communication alluding to  Lubaale and company.  They were represented by the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary General. They reported that my statement about KYUASA leadership being infiltrated by that group for selfish, egocentric and sectarian interests did not go down well with their members and was discussed widely on their platform. I informed them that I was happy that they were discussing it and wondered why it took them so long to realize that their members were doing things that either hurt me as an individual and leader or Management as a whole. We had a cordial meeting and I  informed them that we cannot take statements from their council representatives lightly.  They are not ordinary members,  they are council members representing academic staff. I know what this means because I was in that position for four years on Makerere University Council. So we agreed to meet again, this time with Management to look at the issues affecting academic staff. I am waiting for their submission. I want to assure everyone that Management is there to listen to you and to serve you. Give them that opportunity.

4. Appointment of a new Chancellor

Following a recommendation by Kyambogo University Council on 10th March 2022, a letter was written to His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda to appoint Professor Yakobo John Okedi as the Kyambogo University Chancellor. By powers conferred upon His Excellency the President, He agreed with the recommendation and signed an instrument appointing Professor Okedi on 27th April 2022. This was delivered to and accepted by Prof Okedi on 6th May 2022.  He succeeds  Prof John  Pancras  Ssebuwufu whose term expired in February 2022. I thank Prof Ssebuwufu for his service and Congratulate Prof Okedi upon this achievement. An inauguration ceremony will be organized to install him as the Chancellor of KYU for the next four years. God bless him.

5. New cases of Covid 19

I have been informed of new cases being reported in various parts of the country. This is, therefore, to request you to follow the guidelines by the Ministry of Health to put on your masks when you are in public places like offices, lecture halls and others. Thank you.

Lastly, I wish you a good time as we continue to serve the university and our country. I will meet the staff of the Academic registrar’s department and faculty desk officers to discuss some issues like enrollment, registration, identity cards, fees payment, verification and printing of academic documents among others. As chair of the Senate, I am going to refocus my energies on making sure that academics receive high-level attention for that is our main and core function.


Download: Communication to staff, 9th May 2022 (Signed)

– The Vice Chancellor