The University has continued to register increasing cases of COVID-19 infections among Students and Staff.

The situation is reaching alarming levels and we all must take immediate steps to curtail the spread.

I have received calls from many Heads of Departments reporting cases among their students and requesting to go online.

I therefore want to advise as follows:

  1. All classes should use ODeL as soon as possible. We are aware of the challenges faced by students and staff but ODeL can be done.  School of Management & Entrepreneurship (SOME) has gone completely online and we can emulate them.
  2. Limit the number of visitors to your units. This will also reduce the spread of the disease.
  3. For members of staff who test positive or are feeling sick with flue like symptoms including cough and headache, please go for testing and stay at home until you get well.
  4. The University organized vaccination for staff and only few turned up. There will be another round of vaccination beginning Friday 4th June 2021, at Kyambogo University Medical Centre.  Please go for vaccination.
  5. Continue observing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as outlined by the Ministry of Health.

Pass this message to your colleagues in the Faculty and Department.

Together let us limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Office of the Vice-Chancellor