Call for Papers and Demonstrations/Workshops

Department of Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Kyambogo University is organizing the 4th International Music Education Conference in cooperation with the Faculty of Education and International Studies, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway.

Conference Dates: March 21st – 24th, 2023

Aim of the Conference

Music educators are faced with challenges arising from changing circumstances in which they work, and many educators find innovative ways of supporting music learning experiences. These situations have exposed various gaps between music in society and in teacher education, which again influence music education practice. The aim of this conference is to interrogate how music educators can innovatively understand and manage change and its effects on the practice of music education in schools, Kindergartens and institutions of higher learning.

Scholars, researchers, music educators, teacher educators and musicians are invited to submit proposals for research papers, demonstrations, and workshops.

Theme: Change, Innovation, and Music Education Theory and Practice

Papers may focus on any of the following sub-themes:

  • Music education practice in schools and/or kindergartens
  • Music teacher education training and competence
  • Technology in music education: How is it understood?
  • Emerging epistemologies in music and music education
  • New research

 Abstracts of not more than 250 words may be forwarded to:

  1. Prof. Rinholm Hanne –
  2. Dr. Isabirye James –
  • Proposals may be attachments in word format indicating the sub-theme and topic which the paper intends to focus on.
  • Paper presentations will last up to 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Information on any audio/audiovisual equipment that the presentation may require should be included.
  • Acceptance or non-acceptance of the proposals will be communicated within three weeks from the date of submission by Prof. Rinholm Hanne, the Scientific Committee Chair.
  • The local arrangements committee will provide details of accommodation arrangements to individual participants.

Submission deadline: March 01, 2023