The Kyambogo University Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Eli Katunguka, has opposed the impeachment of the university’s Guild President, Jonathan Tundulu, saying the university does not have a budget to hold new polls. 

Addressing journalists during a press conference at the university on Friday, Katunguka said:  “to hold fresh elections, the university needs about sh180m which is not readily available.” 

On September 25, a vote of no confidence was moved against Tundulu by the Guild Representative Council. 

Tundulu was impeached by the council on grounds that he is concentrating on national politics, abandoning his responsibility to students, being selfish, abusing his ministers and not providing accountability. 

Last week, during the impeachment process, 88 student guild cabinet members participated in the voting. 79 council members voted for Tundulu’s impeachment with four dissenting while six members abstained from voting. Two votes were deemed invalid. 

According to Katunguka, the impeachment process is not yet complete since the Tundulu has filed an appeal. In addition, according to the guild constitution, once the guild president has appealed, then fresh elections should not be held. 

“The challenge I have with the current guild is that they have been unwilling to listen. I called them for a meeting to discuss their issues but they declined to come,” Katunguka said.

As students continue to exercise their powers enshrined in the constitution, Katunguka called upon them to remain calm, concentrate on their studies and avoid all manners of hooliganism.

Credit: New Vision