The Office of the Dean of Students runs Kyambogo University Mentorship Initiative for First-Year Students in addition to the existing orientation program. This Initiative is an approach that gives continuous information and guidance to first-year students throughout the year. This helps the student to easily integrate into university life. Therefore, the Kyambogo University Mentorship Initiative welcomes all first-year students to be part of it.


Mentoring is a process of helping an individual achieve what they want to be. This Initiative provides an opportunity for upholding the good image of Kyambogo University as well as producing students that are self-marketing on the Job market.

Goals of the Program

  1. To orient and mentor all first-year students during their entire first year at the University;
  2. To guide first-year students, get focused on their academic work to excel;
  3. To empower and equip the first-year students with knowledge and life skills to overcome environmental and psychosocial challenges at the University;
  4. To improve the progression and retention of students at the University

Why Mentoring?

The mentoring process is a strong response to youth at risk. It is relevant during this time of transition which is particularly important especially when first-year students need to find their way around Campus, understand the new systems, new structures and new environment; make decisions about how much or how little they can expect to be and achieve. It provides a unique opportunity of real-life learning experience through receiving guidance and support during the initial phase of one’s commitment as a student at Kyambogo University.

The Mentoring Process                                        

It is a process which avails a mentor (who is a continuing student) who can be a friend and role model, who supports and encourages a younger mentee (first-year student) in his/her academic and personal growth. The mentor also guides the mentee to adapt and adjust to campus and independent life. This process continues until the first-year student completes their initial year at the University.

Benefits of the Program                                     

  • Integrates first-year students into the Kyambogo University culture;
  • First-year students get to know how the University structures and systems operate and how best to benefit from them;
  • First-year students get acquainted with helpful University officials who take care of students’ welfare and academic needs.
  • First-year students receive support from helpful continuing students.
  • Mentors and Mentees attain leadership and life skills.
  • Mentors and Mentees receive encouragement and support for academic excellence.
  • Improves student retention and timely completion of study Programmes.
  • Builds healthy relationships in the community between students, staff and management.
  • Encourages good conduct and behaviour change.
  • Students are guided to set and pursue realistic goals for the future.
  • Mentors and Mentees discover new options and opportunities in life.
  • Mentors gain skills in patience, insight and understanding

Important Note

Ms. Mildred Tibananuka – Dean of Students

“Both Supervisor and Mentor should disclose their identity to the Mentee as known to the Dean of Students.”





Inspiration Word

Mr. Mugomba Francis Deputy Dean of Students

Joining mentorship initiative will help the first-year students to successfully adapt and manage your Academic Journey of Life while at Campus.





Our Humble Request

Ms. Winfred Kyosaba Biribonwa (Ag. Senior Counsellor) Chairperson – Mentorship Initiative Committee

We humbly encourage all first-year students to link up with Mentors to receive Guidance and support from the Initiative.






Download mentorship Brochure: Mentorship Brochure