During the 33rd Council Meeting held on 24th July 2017, the Medical Insurance scheme for KyU staff was approved.

The Purpose was to enable the University to provide affordable, accessible, reliable, flexible, equitable, quality and sustainable health services to its staff.

The Scheme was approved as Mandatory for all staff employed by the University on permanent and Contractual terms. The beneficiaries of the scheme are the members of staff, one registered spouse, up to four biological Children or legally adopted children aged 21 years and below.

The staff are expected to contribute 2% of the monthly Gross salary toward the agreed premium.

So far 58% of staff have consented. And are accessing services with International Air Ambulance which was the best-evaluated Insurance firm selected to provide the services through procurement.

An employee ceases to be a member under the following conditions; on resignation from the University, on dismissal from the university, Death of the employee. And in case of death, registered dependents shall continue to benefit from the scheme up to 1 month from the date of his/ her demise as long as the membership is still valid.

Before the Insurance Scheme, the University staff have been accessing services through the Medical Centre which provides both curative and preventive services to the current population of around 28,000 people that include students, staff and staff dependents.   The Centre has been providing serves to clients from the surrounding community such as Banda, Kireka, Kamuli, Kyambogo College School and National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), National Council of Higher Education (NCHE), Nabisunsa Girls School among others with a catchment area of over 48,000 people.

While providing services, the Medical centre receives 200 patients a day during the semester and 60 patients when off semester with an average of 32 admissions per month.

The Insurance Scheme is going to reduce the number of patients attending the Medical centre hence improving quality delivery.