Kyambogo University is a member of the Association of African Universities (AAU) founded in 1967 with an initial membership of 34 universities. Currently, AAU has more than 400 member institutions spread across
46 African countries.

The Association’s mandate as an apex organization for higher education in Africa is to promote cooperation, academic linkages and exchange of information on higher education issues across the the continent as well as supporting its members in their core and extended functions, among others, teaching, learning, research and Innovation, Community Engagement and Quality Assurance.

The AAU represents the voice of higher education in Africa and draws its membership from all five sub-regions of Africa and operates in four official languages, namely English, French, Portuguese and Arabic. The AAU frequently identifies areas where member institutions require capacity building and develop tailor-made training programmes to address such needs.

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The ongoing AAU conference focuses on Legal issues, Quality assurance regulatory frameworks
and Credentials Evaluation in Higher Education.

The conference reflected on the key legal and regulatory frameworks for quality assurance and credential
evaluation across higher education systems in Africa at macro, meso and micro levels. The focus was to
identify and review the legal issues associated with these frameworks and share good practices among
participating Universities.