Prof Eli Katunguka, the university Vice Canceller has said since the economy has been fully reopened with no lockdown and curfew, staff needs to change the way they operate adding that each one must do their part including conducting supervision, being on the ground, and knowing what happens in the departments and units they lead. He revealed that this time around, management is going to be a little tougher in handling issues, stressing that it’s not going to be business as usual. He went on to urge participants to “identify and do your roles to the best of your ability. If you need support, bring it to management and it will be handled.”

Prof. Eli Katunguka Rwakishaya Vice Chancellor

The Professor said this during the half-year performance review workshop organized by the Directorate of Planning.  He went to address other issues pertinent to the operation of the university.

On recruitment of staff, he said the university recruits more people and stressed the need to reduce part-time and temporary staff.

On validation of staff in line with the new structure, he said “we have completed the validation of teaching and for non-teaching staff it is still ongoing.  Once this validation is done, we shall quickly implement the new structure.”  In order to avoid the gaps, the Professor said he appointed Deans and Heads of Departments. The University Council ratified these appointments so they are now legally serving the university. He stressed he doesn’t like management interfering in their work; urging them to plan and budget well, recruit the required staff and implement their responsibilities as planned.

On budget cuts and shrinking finances, he revealed that management is engaging the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development to understand the unique working environment of the university, which is different from other government Ministries, Departments and Agencies; adding that for universities, students pay their money for their services and those services must be rendered to the students.

On university land, he said the land is safe and all the titles are going to be made in the name of the university.

He concluded that there is a lot of goodwill within and outside the university and for Kyambogo University to be a center of quality and transformational education; we only need to do our work well.