Exams for Semester II started on Monday 15th April 2019, with a number of students very eager to sit for their 1st Paper.

One of the year one students (names withheld) said this was a time that makes him recall that he owes a lot to his parents and therefore has to work hard and get better grades.

According to the Ag. Academic Registrar Mr Jorame Butamanya, the examination atmosphere is conducive and students are doing papers well. “No clash of papers or rooms,        more invigilators available compared to last semester. Using QR code application has helped us to identify students sitting for exams and easing things” Mr Butamanya said

Despite the good beginning, Jorame, says there are some challenges like delayed payment of fees by some students, delayed submission of Questions by departments, and some few reported cases of malpractices.

Exams were supposed to end on 5th May, but due to the Easter holidays and 1st May which is a Public holiday, exam time will extend to 10th May as follows; Faculty of Vocational Studies and Special needs and Rehabilitation will complete on 5th May. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, (SOME), Engineering and Education will end on 9th May, whereas Faculty of Science will complete exams on 10th May.

Meanwhile, Examinations in the learning centres of Soroti and Bushenyi including affiliated institutions like AICM and UCC Kabale also started on the same day and will end on the same day.

All examination centres have scouts from Academic Registrar’s office to guard against any misconduct.

Mr Butamanya hopes that examinations will end well as they started and wishes success to all students.