Friday 6th of September 2019 will be a historical day as one of the long-serving members in the Department of Psychology finally got her PhD in Counselling Psychology with a speciality in “Counselor Supervision” which created rounds of smiles in the department. Ms Jane Namusoke who joined Kyambogo University in 2001 as a young vibrant graduate has branded herself as one of the practical and research-driven fellows which are likely to help the department achieve its goals which are clearly tailored to those of the institution at large.

Ms Namusoke Jane after her graduation at The Pretoria University – South Africa

Her research area is “Counselor Supervision” which is the intervention provided by a more senior member of the profession to a more junior member of that same profession. This relationship is evaluative, extends over time and one of its purposes is to enhance the professional functioning of the more junior persons, monitoring the quality of professional services offered to the clients, that the supervisee is seeing and serving as a gatekeeper for those who are to enter the counselling profession.

 Supervision exists for two reasons:

  1. to protect clients, and
  2. to improve the ability of counsellors to provide value to their clients.

Supervision protects clients by involving an impartial third party in the work of a counsellor and client, helping to reduce the risk of serious oversight and helping the counsellor concerned to reflect on their own feelings, thoughts, behaviour and general approach with the client.

Kyambogo University is the leading training institution in training professional counsellors in the country, is exceedingly obliged to have such a resource who is going to be the springboard for the professional training and practice of counsellors in this country and in the region at large.

Ms Namusoke Jane has finally done the big “IT”! she pushed through the years of hard work, the self-doubt, the angst, and the exhaustion to finally be at the end of the journey. She is now a Doctor! Her family is proud, your friends are proud and you are grinning ear to ear (or as much as you can grin after the adrenal gland twitching subsides from your Doctoral Defense). But nonetheless, she made it. Welcome to the less-than-one per cent.

The world is ready to embrace you and your new shiny degree with unlimited options, faith, and hero parades as you dance through the door of any organization lucky enough to have caught your attention. You are the new Muse on the block and you will be showered with untold riches for your journey.

Other Congratulatory messages from Colleagues

“I wish you all the best for all your future endeavours and that you achieve all the more success after your PhD.” Dr Mayengo Nathaniel, Lecturer Psychology Department

“Congratulations Dr. Jane on your success. We always knew that you are going to make it to the top.” Ms Kyosaba Winniefred, University Counselor, Kyambogo University

“We always knew the wonderful person you are behind your geeky glasses. I am so happy you made it to the top. Many congrats on your PhD degree.” Dr Ali Baguwemu, HOD, Psychology Department

“Success was always obliged to come before you. With the right attitude and determination of all those years.” Ms Kirabo Nkambwe Nakasiita

“A hearty Congratulations for getting the “Doctor” title finally. Kudos to the hard work you put in!” Ms Nakanwagi Carol