At the beginning of April 2019, a team, led by Prof Eli Katunguka-Rwakisaya, the Vice Chancellor visited Mainz University to strengthen collaboration between these two universities. The team included Dr Stephen Kasumba, Dean of SOME; and James Bulenzibuto, Head International Relations. This was a follow-up journey following the first one held in September 2017, when Kyambogo University hosted a delegation from University of Mainz, Germany seeking collaboration in the areas of Research, designing and delivering an International Business Masters, student and staff exchange among other possible areas of collaboration. The return visit was intended to concretize what had been agreed upon during the first visit and explore additional areas of cooperation, especially in Science and Engineering.

While in Germany, the team engaged in a series of meetings to interact with the top managers of the host University, academics from the School of Business to discuss the International Masters and Business informatics as a discipline of Business.

The President and head of international office, Mainz University and the Vice-Chancellor, Kyambogo University, expressed mutual goodwill and interest to work together and shared the history of both institutions and values.

Another area of mutual interest was on offering a double International Business Master’s Degree. This means Kyambogo University students can spend their first semester at Mainz to take a minimum number of course units. The selection of exchange students will be done by the sending institution and research can be done at either Mainz University or Kyambogo University.